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Jun 2, 2008 07:08 AM

Veggie Friendly Restaurants?

My parents are taking me and 7 of my friends out for a graduation dinner. But, all of my friends except one are vegetarians, and one is a vegan. I tried the green zebra and they said they couldn't do large groups. Can anyone suggest a nice restaurant with great food and the ability to seat 10? Thanks! (oh and not the Chicago Diner) And if not, just a great Italian place?

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  1. If you are interested in ethnic cuisine you could try an Ethiopian restaurant. They serve food on large platters and all items are together. I really enjoy that cuisine as a vegetarian myself. One good one is the Ethiopian Diamond at :

    Indian cuisine also has many vegetarian and vegan options. There are a ton from formal to more casual in the Devon street area. Here is a link to the 'ten best',IL/Rest...

    Recently downtown I tried Ben Pao (Chinese) and loved that as well. You can substitute tofu in almost any dish which was great! The atmosphere is elegant and has large group potential.

    Really, American style restaurants can be the hardest for vegetarians so if you go ethnic I'm sure your friends will find plenty to choose from! Good luck!

    1. Check out the menus at Mercat a la Planxa and May Street Market (on Grand - not to be confused with May Street Cafe). We go out regularly with a couple vegetarian friends and these are the two that have been the standouts - of course we are also looking for places that serve carnivoures such as myself, so neither is strict veggie, but both are very good and in the Green Zebra price range. Not sure about the Vegan. That can be tough.

      Our other options have been ethnic places which tend to be a little less formal, and a bit farther from the downtown area. My recos there would be Spoon Thai or TAC Quick, but both are small, although they could seat a party of 10 easily. If you go there, make sure you order from the Thai language menus (translations are available).

      Devon is another good option for Indian, although I'm not too familiar with the area.

      1. If you are willing to go north there is blind failth in evanston - varied menu, nice decor but itr is strictly vegetarian -

        Blind Faith Cafe
        525 Dempster, Evanston, IL 60201

        1. how about mexican? i'm vegetarian and usually have great meals at mexican restaurants, most recently salpicon. not sure about vegan though, but you could always try.

          1. I'm not entirely sure they can do large groups but I HIGHLY recommend a place called Amitabul.

            It's Vegan Korean food but I'm not vegan (or Korean for that matter) and I loved it. Everything is organic and they make all their own noodles and tofu. It's delicious. Give it a try.

            It's on Milwaukee and Devon.