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Fancy lunchy brunchy in Toronto

I'm organizing a bachelorette lunch/brunch and was wondering about fancier places in downtown toronto....

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  1. I would consider One, Studio Cafe or high tea at the Windsor Arms.

    1. I'd second the Studio Cafe.

      Also, a friend recently hosted a large family brunch (dad's 75th) at the Gallery Grill at Hart House, and can't stop raving about it.

      1. Brassaii on King W....need rez....Miranda

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          Ditto for Brassaii.
          Wonderful atmosphere and both their brunch menu and lunch menu have terrific items to choose from.
          I've previously ordered the egg white omelette with goat cheese and loved every morsel! From their lunch menu, the Cobb salad is delicious and very filling!

        2. The Cafe in Holt Renfrew (haven't been recently, but used to be very good).
          Not to be confused with the basement food outlet.

          1. Not exactly brunch... but what about High Tea at the King Edward's or Windsor Arms?

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              Pretty sure King Eddy still does Sunday Brunch. $$$$

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                High tea is a working class supper, not what you are looking for, and not what is served at the downtown hotels you mention. What IS served there and elsewhere is "Afternoon Tea" an elegant repast. grossly overpriced and of second quality, but fun enough, at the locations mentioned and elsewhere.

              2. Not sure what you mean by fancy, but Bonjour Brioche in Leslieville is the best I've had. (Quiches, salads, croissants, french toast, etc) Expect a line up though if going on a weekend.

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                  The food is very good at Bonjour Brioche but no matter how you cut it, it's not what most people would consider to be fancy. Besides that, the service stinks. AND I would definitely choose it for a group of more than 4. The place is too small to accomdate. Hell, they can hardly manage parties of 2 and 3.

                2. I forgot to mention... I had my bridal shower at Wish (girlie whisical ambience) located on the subway (Yonge and Bloor). It's located on Charles and Yonge.

                  1. Hart House Gallery Grill. If you have the right size group, you can get the private room they have. Great food, beautiful room, great service.

                    Warning, it closes in the summer at the end of June for 2 months.

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                    1. - It's a bit more shabby chic, but the Red Tea Box is very pretty.

                      - I'd also second (third, whatever... ) the Seasons. Always a classic choice.

                      - C5 (at the ROM) also appears to do brunch, although I can't vouch firsthand

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                        Does Red Tea Box take reservations?

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                          I know, I know...
                          From all the recommendations it gets on this board, it would seem like the Jamie Kennedy Wine Bar is Chowhound's favourite restaurant. I laugh a little bit when I see it mentioned for the umpteenth time. And yet, here I am...

                          Ironically, I've actually never been...but I can't stop drooling over their brunch menu. I know a lot of other Chowhounds would vouch for it.

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                            JK is not a "fancy brunch", IMHO. A good brunch yes, but more casual than fancy.

                            You could wear a tuxedo/ball gown to Didier and you would not feel out of place. And the food surpasses most other places.

                            Thuet's food is as good, but the atmosphere at brunch is horrid.

                        2. The fanciest brunch I've been to was at The Old Mill. I believe they have a la carte available, but the all-you-can-eat was one of the best I've had: roast beef and lots of seafood dishes, including lobster tail...

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                                Yeah, now there's also Atelier Thuet in Liberty Village.