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Jun 2, 2008 06:38 AM

Kids birthday party restaurant

I am bringing my family to NY in August and it's my daughter's 12th birthday while we are there. Any ideas please on "cool for 12 year old girls" restaurants that we just "might" impress her with ?

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  1. Spotlight Live, The Stanton Social, Rosa Mexicano Union Square (they have simple "younger people" friendly food, such as cheese quesadillas and cheese enchiladas), The Smith

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      1. As the parent of a 12 year old, my first question would be, is this a jaded, foodie 12 year old? What is cool to my child's girl friends from the suburbs is very different than what is cool to his female friends in NYC. Also, what is her favorite type of food? Interests? I love trying to impress this age.

        1. Alice's Tea Cup-the one on the UES-E.81- (I have never seen the other branches, might be just as cute?)
          The high school kids around here LOVE it, and it is adorable. Sort of looks pre-party decorated all the time!

          1. A great place to go is Sweetiepie in the West Village. Its very whimsical and they even have a big wrought iron birdcage in the front that you can reserve. In addition they have fun and beautiful desserts and even offer kid's tea parties! Even as a 25 year old girl I thought this place was cool and made me feel very girly and cinderellaesque!

            19 Greenwich Ave, New York, NY 10014