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Jun 2, 2008 06:24 AM

Best online wine retailers

I thought we could compile a list of the best websites for buying wine. I'll start with one:

Wine Market - I got a case of Sauvignon Blanc for a lot less money that it would have cost anywhere else that I know. Here is the link for the wine I bought from the site:

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  1. I have used the following with good results;

    Wine Library
    Wine Access

    Both will have deals and often offer free shipping.

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    1. re: TonyO

      i use them both too tony, and agree. i'd throw in winex, k&l, and jj buckley too.

      1. re: TonyO

        Here are a couple of my favs:

        They are both good and offer quite cheap prices. Joos is an interesting concept. 2 wines per week.

        Any other suggestions I would love to hear them as I am always buying online!!

      2. Because of our Draconian laws here in Mass., we can't order wine online.

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        1. re: grandcru

          There is an online vendor in Woburn, MA that I have used; I've ordered online and picked up at there site in Woburn to save shipping costs. They have a very extensive inventory online along with a "walk-in" wine shop in Cummings Park in Woburn


        2. Prof X:
          your online wine retailer is in Australia. Please keep in mind:

          a) ANY vendor outside the US is 100% off-limits to ANY US consumer.

          b) as grandcru above points out, even inside US MOST vendors are off-limits to MOST consumers in the US.

          Your post would only make sense in the context of a huge matrix with rows = Where the buyer is located, columns = where online retailer is located, and very sparse Xs here & there where the intersection makes sense.

          Too hard for this time of day, got to get my fix of Dolcetto d'Alba.

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          1. re: RicRios

            Misleading, People in a large majority of states can get wine shipped from out of state.

            I get most of my wine from K&L. Good service, rather detailed descriptions and a big selection.

            1. re: mpalmer6c

              If you can get stuff from AU please let me know, I'm IN!

              1. re: RicRios

                You do make a good point, I was just figuring on the international nature of the internet to show some links to other Aussies out here.

            2. re: RicRios

              This isn't true. There are many international merchants who can and will ship to USA. Most are out of London, but some, such as Cellarit, are from Australia.

              1. re: Cancuk

                You are correct.
                I just checked Cellarit, charge of $310 per case (doesn't specify ship via, I assume sea ).

            3. In no particular order, these are my favorites:

              Woodland Hills Wine Company:

              Also, while I have never personally dealt with them, these two stores seem to have great selections, fair prices, and come highly reccomended by people whom I trust...

              Wine Exchange:
              Wine Library:

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                1. re: chrisinroch

                  And which of the above do you think deals extensively in "corporate" wines?

                  1. re: zin1953

                    Its a bit of a wierd setup. The bricks and mortar place is from what I hear pretty good, but it appears that they are completely separate from the online business. When you call to address a problem, they immediately force you to deal with the online folks via email. Its almost like they are using a third party.

                    But to answer your question, the wines that I tried to purchase from them were smaller producers and not trophy wines.

                    1. re: zin1953

                      Oh I see the confusion....Corporate Wines is the name of the online retailer.

                    2. re: chrisinroch

                      What was the problem that you had with Corpwines?

                      1. re: Cancuk

                        they cancelled my order for no apparent reason. No explaination, just a form letter email. Attempts to contact via phone were pushed off to "email only for online orders" then follow up emails by me were ignored.

                  2. Had great luck with

                    Placed many orders with them and always been pleased with the results. They have some agreement and can ship to pretty much any state.

                    Large variety ($3/bottle grape juice to $150+/bottle wines and much in between).

                    You can search by reagion, variety, winery, price, color, .....

                    They were out of the Frech cab. I had ordered to try (on sale for $20 -- usually $50). Within 2 hours of placing the order, I got an e-mail appology and a suggested substitution that would be comparable.