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Jun 2, 2008 06:11 AM

Spicy Pickle coming to the Heights

I love it when restaurants are spoken of with regard to "marketshare", "business model" and "revenue stream".


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  1. Why, because it's best when restaurants open up without a viable business model or revenue stream, and then have to close?

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    1. re: Luther

      No, because it puts -food- below business models.

      1. re: Larry Brooks

        exactly..."revenue stream" mentality results in things like new coke, friday the 13th part 97, fridays' hipster guy fieri menu and so on...nothing good can come of it....other than another marketing person on the unemployment line, that is

    2. So why would a Denver company come to Montague street? What is this Spicy pickle shop? Sandwhiches?

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      1. re: Ljubitca

        Why come to Montague Street?

        " Market share"! " Revenue Streams"!

      2. Why would a restaurant like this come to Montague St.? For the same reason many, many other franchises (food and other retail establishments) come to this strip, which sees an enormous amount of traffic from the surrounding court houses. I was on jury duty last week and rather desperately looking for food that met my admittedly high standards, but saw that a vast majority of the lunchtime crowds -- overwhelmingly from the courts -- did just fine. While I doubt I would eat here (looked at their website and didn't find it appealing -- tho. if I had zero time and was starving, I'd probably give it a whirl) I think it's a sensible business model. If I want food with more character, Montague St. isn't my 1st stop, just as it isn't on my radar for cutting-edge fashion or excellent coffee. Apologies for sounding snobby about this!

        1. Some of you people really crack me up. Have any of you done your homework on this company, or ever tried their food? Well I have done both actually. The concepts was started by two CHEFS, so food is indeed the focus of this place. To be honest, the paninis from this place are excellent and some of the best I've tasted. Another thing, is there something wrong with business being concerned about profits? Spicy pickle is a public company and so has shareholders who invest with the sole intention of making money. Also, some of these franchisees have put up their life savings on the line to open these places, so damn right they are concerned about "revenue streams"! Some of you need to get a clue.

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            And now, less than a year later.