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Jun 2, 2008 06:02 AM

Jin for Cantonese

Since we live on the northshore and not huge fans of Su Changs we went to Jin's. Su Changs is good in a pinch but they don't have a lot of Cantonese food on the menu and lately its been hit or miss on taste. At Jin's there was only a handful of Chinese families not there for hot pot. The Hot Pot section was packed. We ordered off the Chinese menu (its in english and chinese) so make sure you ask for it (also we ordered in Cantonese so I am not sure if the names of the dishes are the same). We ordered Hong Kong style seafood chow mein (its crunchy with sauce). There were huge scallops, shrimp and chinese broccoli on top. Salted chicken with crushed ginger dip. Which as expected was salty and its traditionally served warm. I haven't had this dish in years but it seemed a little saltier than normal. Oysters in scallions and ginger. The oysters were large and served in a sizzling clay pot. A large serving of black bean clams which was good. We also ordered salted fish and chicken fried rice which is an acquired taste if you have never had it. It was all excellent and so much more convenient than going to chinatown or quincy. I think the dishes were buy one get one 50% off. The oyster dish and the chow mein were the best dishes. It was nice to get some good Cantonese food close to home.

We went to jin's a few months ago for Chinese new year and ordered more traditional new year dishes like gingered lobster, whole fish, noodles etc (those were all excellent on that visit as well). On both visits it was chinese families only in the "ordering off the menu" section of the restaurant.

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  1. when did you go? I thought i read they closed and were becoming "new weylus" or something

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      I had just gone that weekend. It said Jin in chinese on everything. There was no mention of the name change and even the credit card receipt said Jin. I was wondering the same thing.

    2. Thanks for the review and the idea of venturing onto the 'the other menu'. I tried FuLoon in Malden and was very impressed; not exactly the N. Shore but not the too far afield.

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        Jin's hot pot and sushi buffet is an excelent deal at $24 and there's usually 300+ people sitting just in that section on weekends. If Shabu Zen, Shabu Shabu, Little Q, Osaka Shabu seems much quieter than normal, you know where all their clients at.

        1. re: joebloe

          Ah, that explains the suddenly full parking lot recently. I drive by there often but have only been there for really bad buffet food when they first opened (the dim sum choices were at least ok). I've been seeing many more cars up there lately and could not figure out what the change was. Thanks.

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          I keep trying FuLoon b/c we hear so many great things on here and I never like what we get. Too salty, too smoky or just something off. I have to give the place a 4th try maybe?

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            what are you ordering at Fuloon? The Kid and i have done quite a bit of eating around their menu and have yet to find a clunker.

            1. re: ScubaSteve

              Its been a few months so excuse the crappy descriptions. A smoky duck dish it was really salty even for chinese standards, a spicy chicken with nuts dish that was just ok (and not spicy) and a shrimp dish that was supposed to be spicy, sour and sweet. The shrimp was battered and it was covered in a sweet sauce. We went to their weekend buffet 1x and we have ordered off the menu 2-3 other times. We usually go at lunch time so that might the reason?

              1. re: noodlely

                the duck you had was probably the Tea Smoked Duck and while i will say it has a pronounced salty component i've never had it too salty.

                as for the other dishes i can't say i know them or tried them. do a board search on Fuloon and you'll get the idea of what's good.