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Jun 2, 2008 03:29 AM

A week in narragansett....where to eat?


I'm thrilled to say I'll be spending a week in RI right on Sand Hill Cove. My goal is to eat as much real New England Seafood as I can. I spent lots of time in RI as a kid and grew up knowing what seafood should taste like. I've been in NY too long and they just don't get it.

Sooo...where should we go for lobsters, lobsters off the dock, for clams, for a fancy dinner out, for steaks, etc . Give me a week's worth of options! I think the only thing we won't want is fried food.

Also, I need a local healthfood store and where does one go to go clamming? I would love to dig and cook my own clams too!

Help me locals!

Thanks! See you soon!

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  1. Well I'm not a local (anymore) but I am also a RI raised girl, living in Vermont and missing my seafood! I returned every summer to camp in Charlestown, now with two kids it gets harder.... but when my husband and I did go we always went to Champlins by the Block Island Ferry for our Lobster and beer by the docks rage and there used to be this little seafood shack on the South side of route1, right before Burlingame Camping, he always had the best Sword and would put together a Clambake in a can so we could cook it on our campfire back at our tent. The thought of it is making me drool at 9 in the morning... but the clambake is how I remembered it being growing up, with Lobster, steamers, sweet and white potatoes, corn and flounder wrapped around sausage...sigh. I hope that shack is still there, I'm going back this year if it kills me. Have fun.

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      Crave on Main street in Wakefield for "fancy":

      Trio just opened last week, a semi-upsacale steakhouse, I was very satisfied with my meal, awesome atmosphere. Located across the street from the Town beach:

      1. re: Sean

        Sean, I think Trio is in Salt Pond Plaza, isn't it? Where the big Stop & Shop is, the freestanding bldg in the middle of the parking lot? That's a couple of miles from the beach.

        1. re: JaneRI

          It is directly across the street from Warm Winds Surf Shop, they built it in the parking lot of the shopping center that Includes Amalfi and Cheeky Monkey.

        2. re: Sean

          Interesting, I just mapquested it and it looks like.....near Basil's? Or Amalfi maybe? I thought they had talked of taking the bldg that tried to be an upscale Newport Creamery.

          1. re: JaneRI

            Jane, the new place in the Newport Creamery building in Salt Pond Plaza will be a Red Stripe restaurant. Trio was opened by the Newport Restaurant Group (The Mooring, Waterman Grill, etc) and is in fact across from Basil's. I can understand the confusion: both have taken forever to open.

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              I should probably read all the replies before I reply myself...

              1. re: Blondie NE

                That's right, a Red Stripe. Yes now I remember that. The length of time and they are both part of established RI restaurant groups is what threw me I think.

              2. re: JaneRI

                I heard that Red Stripe was in the process of aquiring that building.

          2. Lobsters off the dock - just go to the docks in Galilee, you'll see signs. Champlins is a very reputable fish market right in the village as well and the stuff is right off the boats. They have an attached restaurant that's very good for casual seafood (take it up to the top deck but don't leave it unattended or the gulls will get it). You overlook the channel between Galilee & East Matunuck/Jerusalem. (avoid George's across the way - yuck).

            Crazy Burger a few blocks in from Narrangansett Town Beach is really really good. They serve b/l/d, and have a patio out back. A "hippyish" sort of place, lots of vegetarian choices (to give you an idea of breakfast.....cinnamon roll french toast & zucchini hash - yum).

            I only ever go for breakfast so I can't vouch for their other meals, but I LOVE Jim's Dock in Jerusalem. You could throw a rock across the channel from Champlins and hit Jim's Dock.....but to get there you have to leave Galilee on Rt 108, get on Rt 1 South, and then take the East Matunuck State Beach/Succotash Rd exit (exits to the left and you reverse direction). Follow Succotash Rd to the end. Probably a 15 min drive but worth it.

            1. For casual I'd agree with Champlains, but stay away from George's unless thing s have improved over the last few years since I've been in the area.

              For a bit upscale I used to really like both Amalfi's and Spain. Haven't been down there in about 4 years, so not sure if they are still both pretty good.

              Hpw is Cheeky Monkey doing down there?

              So now at Salt Pond there is a building in the parking lot?

              Did anything go into Casa Rossi's?

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              1. re: hummingbird

                I personally was underwhelmed with Cheeky Monkey, I went in March.

                1. re: hummingbird

                  Last time I went to Spain was maybe 2 yrs ago and it was downright horrid. (if a Spanish restaurant cannot cook rice to the proper consistency, there's a big problem). I've never eaten at Amalfi, as the times I've attempted to, they weren't serving food outside, the deck was loaded w/people just drinking....I walked inside and the dining room was empty and freezing cold....I turned and left. But the menu looked great.

                  I think the Casa Rossi bldg is still empty.

                2. You will be able to source out all your fresh seafood needs right in Galilee...from digging your own clams to buying lobsters off the boat or fresh fish from Champlins. Local healthfood store - Food for Thought off of Point Judith road in the building Behind Arturo Joes Restaurant. Restaurants...Coast Guard House has been getting alot of great feedback lately ( there is a new chef there) Turtle soup and Almafi always great views and very consistant food. I love Cheeky Monkey right next to Belmont and right near Trio which just opened 2 weeks ago,you can sit outside there too. You can venture to Wakefield (about 5 minutes away )for Crave seafood and steak ..about 6 doors down from there is another heath food store Alternative food co-op both on Main street. Have Fun!

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                  1. re: fruitlady

                    That's great news about CGH.....I always viewed it as a drinking spot but not an eating spot.

                    1. re: fruitlady

                      Is Arturo Joes still open for business?

                      1. re: snl1129

                        Yes! We went there a few weeks ago. I guess they had a big fire, took a long time to reopen and are finally back. We liked it, we thought the food was very good, I had eggplant parm and it was very light with a great sauce. My husband got a pizza which was very good. They had good wines by the glass.

                      1. re: OrganicLife

                        I'd recommend heading to Crazy Burger on Boon St. for either breakfast or lunch one day. Don't let the name fool you, they have a great variety -- vegan options, juice bar, etc.