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Jun 2, 2008 01:16 AM

Taking girlfriend to Capitola for her B-Day, where to eat dinner?

We'll be spending all day at the beach and village, and we've previously been to Shadowbrook, are there any other good places to eat in Capitola for a birthday occasion? Or should we just go back to Shadowbrook? Please help, thanks!

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  1. Shadowbrook probably has the most “atmosphere” of any restaurant in Capitola, but if you’d like an ocean view, you could try one of the places on the Esplanade or Capitola Wharf. I don’t have any recent experience with those though.

    It’s small and doesn’t have a view, but Caruso's seems to be considered the best restaurant in the village:

    Soquel is a short drive or walk from Capitola and is home to these: