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ISO of Korean Caterers

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I am looking for a full service Korean food caterer for
a large 100-150 person dinner party in the LA area.

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  1. I don't know what you mean by "full service Korean food caterer" but Canaan Catering has the best food. I think they charge about $15 per person. Good luck!

    1. Nakwon Catering - I can't exactly vouch for the food, but they have a website and I think they are pretty popular with the wedding crowd


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        i second nakwon! had my son's 100 days party catered from there and it was REALLY good.

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          I happen to run alot of events and finding a good catering company is hard work..I've had some bad experiences with Nakwon Catering and want to recommend a catering company that offers better food and service.

          Shinmi Catering


          their galbi is always a crowd pleaser and the quality in the banchan is always top notch!

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            2nd. I used Shin Mi for my wedding and everything was great. The servers they sent out were very friendly and the food was a big crowd pleaser for both Koreans and non-Koreans. The galbi jjim was definitely a big hit as were the appetizers and glazed salmon (although not very traditional). The juns were well made and the kim chee was surprisingly good for a catered event.

            At the end of the night almost all of the food was gone. I would definitely use them again.

      2. Banchan a la carte is more modern than traditional but everything is nicely prepared and presented. Their kim bap is my hands-down favorite.


        1. After meeting her and her food truck, Ahnjoo, a couple of weeks back in Pasadena, I am actually having Chef Debbie Lee cater my father's 60th birthday party in a week for about 200 people. My father is Korean and I thought it would be fun. We had the tastings today and the options she gave me were amazing. We are going to have a cold noodle station, a grilled station, lots of passed trays and desserts. She's going to bring the truck and everything. Check out their site and see if that's something you may be interested. Good luck!


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            Hi ExtraCheesePlease, just wanted to check in with you how the catering went with Debbie Lee of Ahnjoo for your father's birthday party-- thanks!!