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Jun 1, 2008 08:25 PM

Del Posto menu suggestions?

Going on thursday and would love some recommendations on what to order. They recently changed their menu for the spring/summer season. Took off the one thing I really was dying to try= ribeye for two after seeing it at Babbo and reading rave reviews about it. Oh well will just have to stop in at Babbo one day and get it. These were the two options I was going to go with....

We will be a party of four..

Order Ala carte- 2 individual pastas as an app to share for the table (not the pasta bis where you pay per person, just two orders since this is what we did at Babbo)- Will this be enough food?

Each order a main, and get 2-3 desserts to finish the night. *Even though the desserts look lackluster with the new menu rollout. Maybe they will have some specials or something.


The Il Posto menu for 95 where you get a antipasti, primi, secondi, dolci.

Overall it probably will cost the same but I dont care about cost just want the best dining experience for my moms bday,

As for the menu- What do you recommend? On the site the gnudi, gnocchi, garganelli look interesting. For mains the beef tenderloin for two which replaced the ribeye, lobster, quail, and pork loin sound good. Desserts the chocolate souffle, strudel, and gelati,

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    1. The spaghetti with dungeness crab is their signature pasta dish. I ve had it twice and would go back again for it.
      Del Posto is a meat lover heaven. The veal shop, as well as, the rack of lamb are wonderful and will make you forget the ribeye.

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        Thanks for the suggestions. I am a meat lover, however not a lamb fan. Veal chop sounds good, but probably will wind up getting the beef tenderloin for two.

        I think we will probably also get two pastas. Just don't know which ones. Maybe they will also have some interesting specials.

        1. re: eminencerouge1

          I haven't been, but my co-worker went last night and was raving about that pasta with crab also.

          1. re: NYCkaren

            I have heard that this is quote spicy though and overpowering. Any idea if it it chock full of crab or is theyre skimpy?

        2. Eat plenty of lardo -- don't hesitate to ask for refills!