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Jun 1, 2008 08:23 PM

Fresh sage

Hello - Where can I find some good fresh sage for not ridiculously expensive in the Seattle area? I know it grows in Eastern Washington, but is that the variety that one would use in pasta, for example? Would it be at Pike Place for a reasonable price?

Also, I've never really used it before - are there any warnings I should know about? Can you overcook it?... can you undercook it? I'm using it in pasta with prosciuto and criminis and did a trial run tonight, but the sage came out weak. It was excellent when I got a big bite, but I'd like its flavor to be ubiquitous in the dish - does this mean using it harder or using it smarter?

Thank you!

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  1. It's available in the fresh herb section in any well-stocked supermarket. You want culinary sage (which is what is in the stores). It is easily grown on this side of the mountains as well (has nothing to do with sage brush)--our P-Patch has a large bush. You may have a neighbor who has a bush.

    A little goes a long way. I don't know why your dish didn't turn out the way you wanted

    1. At Pike Place, Sosio's always has good quality fresh herbs in the back; just ask them for what you need. But in the long term, if you like cooking with it, I suggest you plant some. Sage grows wonderfully here. Go to a garden store; City People's has a few varieties of sage starts to plant. Also, some of the stands at the farmers' markets sell herb starts as well.

      And yes, the stuff on the other side of the mountains is sage brush, as PAO said. Not the same thing.


      1. Yes, go to a garden store and get two different types of small plants. They will grow like crazy anywhere and will last through the winter. Even if you live in an apartment, you can grow it in pots. Look up recipes on the internet for sage pasta with brown butter.