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Anyone been to Hot House Cafe for Sunday brunch?

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My friend recommended me to try the above & said the waffle & mussel there are very good.
I'm thinking to bring some kids there (age 7- 15).
Any comment? How about the cold & hot dishes?
Thanks in advance for your comment.

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  1. I was there probably 5 years ago. The food was pretty good and the selection was huge. There was a full carvery, 50 different desserts and every kind of fruit imaginable. I remember it seemed a bit too hard to get a coffee refill. The restaurant is huge, but I think it's def. kid friendly.

    1. It's been a few years for me as well, but I would recommend it. The food is definitely above average for a buffet; the kids will love the waffle station. It can be very, very busy though, so make sure you make reservations in advance and arrive on time!

        1. I have eaten brunch there many times; I think the range of options and the quality is pretty good for the price.

          1. I was there approximately two weekends ago. There's lots of food varieties, some things that caught my eyes: salmon, roast pork/beef, lasagna/pasta, marinated jamaican style drumsticks, omelette bar, waffle/pancake/french toast bar, and best of all a DESSERT bar. I highly recommend you save some stomach for the cakes, they're quite delicious. The restaurant is great for a big group.

            1. I live just around the corner.
              Sunday brunches are very very popular there, and I have been a few times over the years, the most recent being about 6 months ago.

              The selection is vast, and has something for everyone, from the large pastry counter, to cheeses and cold cuts, pastas and the omelette station.

              It's above average in taste and food, and I like the fact that you can try so many different types of food, but don't have high expectations.
              Also the patio is wonderful for baking in the sun, or people watching.

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                Thanks a lot for all the positive response.
                Sounds promising for a brunch. I've already made reservation & I'll report back.