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Jun 1, 2008 08:22 PM

Anyone been to Hot House Cafe for Sunday brunch?

My friend recommended me to try the above & said the waffle & mussel there are very good.
I'm thinking to bring some kids there (age 7- 15).
Any comment? How about the cold & hot dishes?
Thanks in advance for your comment.

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  1. I was there probably 5 years ago. The food was pretty good and the selection was huge. There was a full carvery, 50 different desserts and every kind of fruit imaginable. I remember it seemed a bit too hard to get a coffee refill. The restaurant is huge, but I think it's def. kid friendly.

    1. It's been a few years for me as well, but I would recommend it. The food is definitely above average for a buffet; the kids will love the waffle station. It can be very, very busy though, so make sure you make reservations in advance and arrive on time!

        1. I have eaten brunch there many times; I think the range of options and the quality is pretty good for the price.

          1. I was there approximately two weekends ago. There's lots of food varieties, some things that caught my eyes: salmon, roast pork/beef, lasagna/pasta, marinated jamaican style drumsticks, omelette bar, waffle/pancake/french toast bar, and best of all a DESSERT bar. I highly recommend you save some stomach for the cakes, they're quite delicious. The restaurant is great for a big group.