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Going to Perilla for an anniversary celebration - any recs to order?


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  1. their duck entree is fantastic...so are the brussel sprouts as a side.

    1. The fiddlehead fern ravioli is amazing -- tastes exactly like spring.

      1. pork belly, soft shell crab, duck, kingfish.

        1. Just went for the first time. The spicy duck meatballs and pork belly apps are musts. The bison tataki is also good to start. Both Mrs. GG and I had the duck as an entree, Very good and generous portions. The donuts with lemon and chocolate made for a great ending.

          1. Those duck meatballs are outrageously tasty. Butterflied, flattened, roasted guinea hen is superb. Impossibly moist braised rabbit leg meat (if it's still on the menu) with lemon-zest gnocchi and chanterelles is a work of art. Howard Dieterle deserved his win on "Top Chef."

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              The guinea hen and rabbit have been off the menu for quite some time.

            2. Loved the duck meatballs. Also loved a cuttlefish and guanciale app. Apps were better than my entree -- an eggplant canneloni kind of thing which was fine but not great, the eggplant hadn't been salted enough and had that overly turgid bitter thing going.

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                To all of the Perilla posts just wanted to let you know that we loved the restaurant and the meal was superb! From the duck meatballs to the special black bass to the donuts!!!!!!!

              2. i posted the below on the other thread about perilla that i started a few days ago as well, but didn't want to deprive this crew too, since i took your great suggestions also!!

                thanks for the recs guys!
                had a really delicious dnner there last night.
                primary fault i can find, that is minimally their responsibility, is that the 95degree heat simply does not lend itself to relaxing dining. it seemed like they had minimal if any a/c going in the restaurant and were relying mostly on ceiling fans, which would have been nice in beach attire perhaps, but i was not and bf was in a suit from work.

                we started with the spicy duck meatballs and the crispy berkshire pork belly. the meatballs were amazing. the pork belly also very tasty, but i generally find pork belly to be something so rich and on the fatty side, that i can only palate it occasionally. it was crisped to perfection though and dressed with an appropriate compliment of side flavors.

                he had the pancetta wrapped pork, which i tried and though was delicious. the bean asparagus medly it sat upon tasted somehow smokey, in a surprising but very tasty way. based on the recs on the other perilla post up right now, i went for the fiddlehead fern ravioli. the description on the other post as tasting just like "spring," struck me as amusing at first, but was really entirely apt. the ricotta inside was delicate, smooth, creamy and downright luscious, while the vegetables were interesting enough to elevate the dish well above any typically conceived ravioli. the truffle brown butter was nuanced and perfect. my only complaint was that in a few bites, a strong maybe almost lemony flavor overshadowed a few of the other tastes.
                did a side of the sauteed broccoli & spinach, which i thought was a good green compliment and the mixed in sausage and pineapple were unexpected, but good and contributed to a more substantive side.

                was more than full at this point, but couldnt pass up the dessert menu entirely, so we split a piece of the red velvet cake. not your typical red velvet, but possibly better. perfectly moist layers of cake with thin layers of cream cheese frosting in between - just the way it should be.

                my only other complaint was the noise level. i dont usually notice these things, but until about 10pm or so, once things thinned out at the restaurant, the decibel level was considerable enough to warrant some near shouting across our table.

                all in all, was a lovely meal, definitely one of the better food experiences i've had in a good while. while i wouldnt compare it to a emp/bouley/fine dining and celebration sort of spot, their food wasn't terribly far removed in regard to skill and creativity. further, i thought the value for the quality was really reasonably. 2 apps, 2 entrees, a side, a dessert, a glass of wine each - a total of $130 or so (minus only tip.)

                what other restaurants would people compare most closely to perilla overall (food, atmosphere, quality, etc.?))

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                  There are few restaurants that I feel would be closely comparable. Little Owl comes to mind, but Perilla has a more spacious, comfortable feeling. Market Table has a more similar atmosphere, but IMO the food is not as interesting. Bar Blanc is close in food style and quality (perhaps even better), though the atmosphere is somewhat glitzier and prices a bit higher. Funny that all these are in the same neighborhood, as I can't think of anything in other locations that are even remotely similar.

                2. Planning to go tonight. I've been before the farro side dish is my stand out. Any other not to miss dishes recently?

                  1. been there a few times... must say i really love the place. to me the standout dishes i've had are the veal cheek (was on the menu as a "cheek du jour" when they had that), the pork belly, the hanger steak and the duck entree.