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Jun 1, 2008 07:37 PM

Going to Perilla for an anniversary celebration - any recs to order?


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  1. their duck entree is are the brussel sprouts as a side.

    1. The fiddlehead fern ravioli is amazing -- tastes exactly like spring.

      1. pork belly, soft shell crab, duck, kingfish.

        1. Just went for the first time. The spicy duck meatballs and pork belly apps are musts. The bison tataki is also good to start. Both Mrs. GG and I had the duck as an entree, Very good and generous portions. The donuts with lemon and chocolate made for a great ending.

          1. Those duck meatballs are outrageously tasty. Butterflied, flattened, roasted guinea hen is superb. Impossibly moist braised rabbit leg meat (if it's still on the menu) with lemon-zest gnocchi and chanterelles is a work of art. Howard Dieterle deserved his win on "Top Chef."

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              The guinea hen and rabbit have been off the menu for quite some time.