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Jun 1, 2008 07:00 PM

Best Bagels around New Haven?

Hello All!
I grew up outside of New Haven, back in the 70/80's. I have been gone since then and am returning next week for a few days. Of course, I need to eat my fill of Pepe's, but I am also Jones'ing for a serious bagel. Can anyone give me a few spots to hit? Preferably within 30 minutes or so of New Haven.

On a side (I will cross post this part too). I may head to the City, maybe both (NY and Boston). So, if you have some recommendations in either place, let me know as well. It has been a long while...

Thanks everyone.

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  1. cohen's bagels in madison. I believe they have a satellite somewhere in Branford
    I think we need to bring back barnaby bagels in Guilford

    1. As the birthplace of the first "mass market" bagel (i.e. Lender's), one would expect to find an abundance of good bagels in or around New Haven. Unfortunately, the sad reality is that all of the good bagel places have closed. Unless I'm missing something, within the city limits of New Haven, there are no non-chain bagel bakeries remaining. In my opinion, Dunkin Donuts' bagels taste like white bread, ahd Bruegger's are decent if you eat them immediately, but lose 99% of their texture and exterior crunch by the time you get them home.
      There are several stores in the area that sell H&H bagels, but it is my experience that the bagels that they produce "to travel" are vastly different than the ones that are purchased in NY.

      1. Cohen's in Madiosn bakes all fresh on site, no par bake disaster. They also do have a place on Main Street in Branford-- grab a warm half dozen for $5 and some cream cheese spreads-- and head to the beach.

        1. Though I now live up here on the shoreline I was always partial to Bagel King (Norwalk - westport avenue down the street from stew's and the used to have a branch in Fairfield next to Trader Joe's)

          Only place I knew in CT that got the crackly chewy thing down.

          1. Your best bet would be to go to Union Station, buy a ticket for NYC and get a bagel there. We've got Bruegger's but not much else.

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              Although I had high hopes with a name like Cohen. Personally I was underwhelmed by their bagels.