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Jun 1, 2008 06:54 PM

Tony P's Dockside Grill for party of 50???

Looking for a place to hold a non-profit organization dinner for 50 at around $35 pp. (tip and tax included). I know the budget does not allow for excellent food, but I'm hoping to be at least decent. The location seems to be nice and price reasonable at Tony P's, but how's the food? Has anyone done the banquet buffet there?

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  1. I find their food to be a C+ maybe? It's fine, if uninspired. That's for their normal menu. I can't tell you how their banquet food would be, (but it normally suffers by comparison to most regular restaurant's offerings).

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      I'd have to agree with servorg - but I don't think true gourmet eats are the point. I had a party of maybe 20 there a few years ago and it was simple but fine. The big attraction was the water, of course. If you like Mexican, the place down the road on the lagoon is okay too. Not great, but okay.

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        Agreed... It's competent, but they are mostly a sports bar... so if it can be frozen and then re-heated, it is their friend...