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Jun 1, 2008 06:47 PM

Extra Tortillas: What do you do?

I have about 30 extra corn tortillas left over and I can't eat them all. Any recipes that call for them , not like soft tacos or the usual. I need something rich, something thats really........
Or anything really, just need to get rid of those tortillas

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  1. There's a bunch of possibilities, but the easiest is probably just to make chips. Or freeze them.

      1. left over from what? What's usual to you? You can freeze them.

        Enchiladas with an interesting filling? Might not be interesting to you, but my standard enchiladas are cheese, spinach, squash, and chicken.

          1. Chilaquiles! I've never used a recipe, but you can start with green salsa, a little stock, eggs and/or meat, whatever you have left over or on hand. Stale tortillas work well, too.

            A pan of enchiladas would kill 30 tortillas in a flash and feed 6-8.

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              I put torn up corn tortillas in my chicken tortilla soup