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Jun 1, 2008 06:45 PM

Post Top Chef success

Harold is the only one to have opened his own place, right?

Hung's an executive sous chef in Las Vegase

Ilan has opened a taco cart (just read that on another thread... way to aim high)

Anyone had any of their food?

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  1. dave martin also has a restaurant in manhattan called 'crave.' you'll get some feedback on it & perilla [harold's place] if you post on the NYC board.

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      I don't think Crave is Dave Martin's restaurant. I think he just works there as an executive chef. But the owner is really milking Dave's 15 minutes of Top Chef glory.

      And I've read conflicting reports about how Hung plans to open a place in NYC and/or the Berkshires.

      And Lee Anne Wong, while she has no restaurant, has a great job as culinary producer of Bravo and was working on the set of the movie No Reservations as a culinary consultant.

      1. re: Miss Needle

        she also works at the FCI (french culinary institute) and gives the students there tours around the city and the major food purveyors

    2. I've eaten at Perilla, it's good simple stuff in a cute neighborhood

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        The risotto at Perilla is to DIE for. I could eat a bathtub full of it.

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          We had amazing cuttlefish with guanciale and duck meatball appetizers at Perilla. And my brother had spinach with the artichoke puree a la finale which he said was the best spinach he'd ever had. It was really good. My eggplant entree was a little disappointing -- the eggplant hadn't been salted and weighted enough, but everything else was delish and I'd definitely go back.

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          Meanwhile, Tiffani doesn't seem to be working anywhere. She worked at Todd English's restaurant in New Orleans, but it's closed. The only recent info I could find was an article about her being a featured chef at a Gay/Lesbian event in Miami, along with Josie from season three.

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            Tiffani is apparently very close to opening her own placed called Workshop.

            1. re: KTinNYC

              We saw Tiffani last night eating at O Ya in Boston. She was a couple of seats down from us at the counter. I have to say she looked great, but we didn't get a chance to ask what she's doing now!

        3. Stephen Asprinio has a place in Palm Beach called Forte di Asprinio. There's a thread (with my comments) here ->

          1. I thought Hung was already a sous chef at Guy Savoy in Vegas before the show. I looked into visiting, but I didn't do well enough at the tables to afford a visit.

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              I believe Hung is cooking in New York, but I can't remember where.

              1. re: ChefJune

                Hung cooked at Solo but I don't know if he is still there.

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                  Hung was at a kosher restaurant for a while (is that the one) trying to learn more. i love him for that. There was a really interesting article on it, i'll see if i can find the link.

                  edit: that is the one - here's an article: http://www.nydailynews.com/lifestyle/...

                  1. re: AMFM

                    he is still there and looks like through the summer - http://solonyc.com/

            2. Wait----that's what Ilan has done? Opened a taco cart? That alone speaks for itself!! (Btw...nothing against taco carts...I love them. But COME ON!)

              Anyone have an article or proof on said cart?

              Also Spike is opening up a burger, fresh cut fries, and shake restaurant in Washington, DC on Capitol Hill. It's near my office and I'm actually pretty excited to check the place out. The menu sounds pretty good for burgers and fries.

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              1. re: Elyssa

                Spike? Burgers? Not an Asian inspired place?

                Ilan in LA? Who's recipes did he steal this time?

                1. re: dave_c

                  I believe there is an Asian inspired burger on the menu though.

                  1. re: Elyssa

                    How about a soup, a soupy hamburger or a hamburger soup.

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                  it actually does sound good - since he hopes to branch out, maybe they'll come to richmond. would do well here. :)


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                    The rumor was that Ilan was planning some sort of high-end mobile food cart in Los Angeles, but there's no proof of it yet. Not sure what the timeline is.

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                      Apparently true -- this site has "where are they now" for most of the major Top Chef contestants. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/23583842/...

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                        STORK REPORT - It's a girl!

                        Home executive chef and "Top Chef" contestant Richard Blais and his wife Jazmin Zepeda welcomed little Riley Maddox Thursday. We hear Riley weighed in at 7.9 pounds and was 21 inches. The Atlanta couple got engaged after Zepeda trained Blais for and he completed the Peachtree Road Race in 2005.

                        photos here:

                        1. re: attractivekid

                          when I read that headline, I coulda swore it said "stork report - it's a grill"......

                          [note to self - stop spending so much time engrossed in foodstuffs....]

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                            Thanks ofr posting it. My favorite was when father and daughter were forehead to forehead. Faux hawk to barren forehead.

                            1. re: Phaedrus

                              The one that I enjoyed the most as well! Beautiful baby girl, and very proud parents!

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                                Richard if you are reading this congratulations to you and you wife.

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                                Ruth that link doesn't seem to have an article attached (just links to other unrelated stuff). I would love to read the full article though. Can you either repost and let me know the name of the article so I can do a google search? Thanks.

                                1. re: Elyssa

                                  it worked for me - but it's not an artile per se. you have to click on each name and then read about them. names are on left side running down.

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                                    Must have been my browser. I tried it in another browser and it worked fine. My bad.

                                    I wish they would have listed every cast member though. Because a lot of these folks I knew about since they have stayed in the spot light more on reunion shows or media events etc.