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Jun 1, 2008 05:46 PM

Thai around Clark and Fullerton?

I'm looking for suggestions of good Thai restaurants within a mile or two radius of Clark and Fullerton.

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  1. You're best bet is probably Miss Asia, which is owned by the same people as Sticky Rice. Other than that, I would say TAC Quick. There are plenty of other options closer, but they pale in comparison.

    Miss Asia
    434 W. Diversey Pkwy
    (773) 248-3999

    TAC Quick
    3930 N Sheridan Rd
    (773) 327-5253

    1. Mapquest says Tac Quick is 2.13 mi.
      If you want recs for food, just say the word.
      Tac Quick
      3930 N Sheridan Rd
      Chicago, IL 60613
      (773) 327-5253

      1. Sura, on Broadway between Barry and Wellington, has the best and most authentic Thai food I've found since moving from Seattle (a Thai restaurant mecca, to mix metaphors) 4 years ago. It is not spiced for the average Midwest diet. The ingredients are fresh and high quality. The food and chef are great, but the concept is off the mark. The negative is that the decor is oddly postmodern/60s, and the place seems set up as a nightclub, not homey at all. That's why we take out.

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        1. re: ShortOrderHack

          Sura, really? (clubby Thai-fusion equals "authentic" to you?)

          Have you eaten at Spoon, TAC, Sticky Rice, Opart, Rosded, or Elephant Thai?

          1. re: aelph

            The OP clearly says 1-2 m radius from Clark and Fullerton. None of your suggestions are even close, except for TAC Quick.

            Have you eaten at Sura, and if so, why not offer some constructive comparisons for specific dishes?

            I based "authentic" on matching some of the best neighborhood Thai places I used to frequent in Seattle (e.g., Siam on Broadway). I can get many of the same traditional dishes at Sura that I could at those places, and they compare favorably. I haven't tried Sura's fusion dishes.

            1. re: ShortOrderHack

              I had the red wine braised duck at Sura once. It was pretty good, but the duck was kind of tough (which is sort of odd considering it was a braised dish).

              The places the aleph referenced are much beloved in no small part because of their Thai language menus, which have a lot of great and super authentic stuff that you can't get at a lot of other Thai restaurants.

              Here is a link to TAC's translated Thai language menu:


              Does Sura have any similar items? If they do, that would be fantastic news.

              1. re: ShortOrderHack

                Instead of couching your reply in the context above you simply say Sura "has the best and most authentic Thai..."

                You then go on to criticize it's IMO idiotically clubby ambience(always a good sign when a Thai restaurant relies on Mod design and fusion dishes to attract that oh so discerning clientele).

                You also offer that Seattle is a "Thai mecca."

                Not to my knowledge. Portland has the anomaly Pok-Pok, aside from that the Pacific Northwest is not a haven for great Thai. LA, some Bay Area, a scattering of restos in the boroughs, and of course Chicago.

                So...maybe Sura is the best bet for Thai in the OP's area request; there's plenty of awful Ameri-(pad)Thai in Chicago outside the number of truly great places. When I look at their menu and I read "fusion" and I see that execrable early-00's bandwagonesque interior I cringe.

                TAC...within the OP's reach has a contemporary feel without bludgeoning the diner over the head AND an exemplary, cheap menu.

                I stand by my original question, though; have you eaten at any of the restaurants I list while still declaring Sura tops?

                I'd love to add another great Thai joint to Chicago's plethora(I can overlook the furniture if the food's worthwhile).

                1. re: ShortOrderHack

                  I think jseteifn and I are on the same page re: if Sura's truly great then there's always room for more at the table.