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Jun 1, 2008 05:44 PM

Fro-Yo addiction hiatus over, I hope?

Anyone else in the Dupont area notice the not-yet-open Frozen yogurt store on P west of the circle? As the name suggests, I just moved back to the DC motherland, and from LA, where I succumbed to the "tart" PinkBerry-type frozen yogurt addiction. If the name PinkBerry means nothing to you, then your taste buds still have things to look forward to in life...

Anyway the name is of all things, "Tangysweet". Don't live in Dupont, but walked by it last weekend, and it looks like it's in the sooner-than-later stage of opening. It's underneath the fancy pizza place which I can't remember the name of for the life of me. Paradiso something. So my questions:

1) Does anyone know when it opens?

2) And most importantly, will it be in the same vein as the Pink Berry/Red Mango tart taste?? Any chowhounds heard anything of it? Would lov eto know if my craving can be indulged sometime soon.

The one thing i miss about leaving LA. And the weather, and the beach. Ok, one of the top ten things i miss about leaving LA.

Any info appreciated, guys and gals.

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  1. To tide yourself over, visit Sweetgreen on M St in Georgetown - down toward Key Bridge, Very tart fro-yo and lovely fruit and nut toppings.

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      I second the Sweet Green suggestion. I tried it on Saturday and it was great to eat on such a hot day. The raspberries were actually fresh, not frozen!

      1. Opened on Friday, I just tried it and in my opinion the sweet flo from Sweet Green is better, also they use the same containers...

        1. I checked out tangysweet this past weekend, and overall it was very good, but not QUITE the same as Pinkberry, in my opinion. To me, it tasted a little bit creamier and less tart than PB, but is a good substitute for a fro-yo fix that doesn't require travel to NYC/LA, haha. I only had the original flavor (with Trix cereal, sadly no Fruity Pebbles available that day), so I can't speak to the Pom or Green Tea flavors.

          I did see on another board that a Boston-based froyo place is also slated to open later this month in Dupont- if that's the case, hopefully they'll be good as well.

          1. I got a free sample on Friday when tangysweet opened, and I thought it was great. I would say I liked it slightly better than Sweet Green (creamier, I think), plus they seemed to leave more room for the toppings in the cup, which Sweet Green doesn't do very well.