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Jun 1, 2008 05:38 PM

Where in the world is Chef Liu?

Fans of this chef from China Village who don't already know ... he's in Fresno. You might enjoy the report of a Chowdown at his latest location

Chowdown Report: Chef Liu’s Tasting Menu @ Hunan, Fresno

Feasting in Fresno @ Hunan Restaurant

Sadly, I couldn't get away and had to do with the virtual dinner.

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  1. Those earlier reports described special order banquets. As the Olympic games in Beijing draw to a close, the last report on my Chinese eats of recent months has been posted on the California board. It covers the wonderful meals prepared by Beijing native, Chef Zhongyi Liu, and describes the dishes of Sichuan, Beijing, and Shandong standards we've tried from the menu.