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Jun 1, 2008 05:01 PM

Looking for a "Ed Debevic's" type Restaurant....

Hey Everyone. I'm hoping to tap the collective intelligence of CHOW. Hopefully I'm not showing my age, but I remember a fun restaurant in Beverly Hills called Ed Debevic's. I know it no longer exists, but I was hoping that someone would have an recommendation for a fun restaurant like Ed's? Thanks in advance

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  1. Check out Soda Jerks in Pasadena...

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    1. re: film_score

      Soda Jerks RIP, I'm very sorry to say.

    2. I must be missing something -- if you just want fake '50s, there's Mel's and of course Johnny Rockets.

      But I suspect you're looking for some other characteristic. What, though?

      1. dunno where you live but if you're looking for diner 50s-esque, try Cafe 50s on Van Nuys/ventura in the Valley or there's a Mel's Diner on Sunset. Ed's had great meatloaf and if you want nostalgic diner food, Daily Grill works but it's totally more quiet conservative upscale and not's good though.

        1. Thanks for the responses guys. Let me clarify what I'm looking for. At Ed's the wait staff would hop on the tables, sing, and other acts of craziness. So guess I'm looking for a place where the general ambiance fun, zany, etc.

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            Okay, so there aren't any more signing diner type places anymore that I can think of, but if you'll go another cuisine...

            Dar Maghreb has eat with your hands and belly dancers

            Palms Thai for the Thai Elvis

            The Great Greek has a floor show

            Tokyo Delve's in NoHo for sake bombing and table dancing.

            1. re: doktor_k

              As I recall, they were deliberately a little rude to you and gave you lip as part of the kitsch? Are you looking for that too?