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Jun 1, 2008 04:55 PM

Grocery on Kona coast

We stayed at the Mauna Lanai resort a year or two ago, and a new upscale grocery was being built in a nearby shopping center. We plan to return to that wonderful area and wonder if the new store ever opened. Any mention of their specialties would be appreciated!

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  1. CS,
    Yes indeed the shop has opened as of last december. it is called Foodland farms. An upscale market with a wide variety of goods. Fresh seafood, deli, liquor, Bakery etc.. Just what the area needs. Prices are modest for the area and they take the Maili'Kai card.

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      Thanks, easily amused! That's what we wanted to hear.

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        Is that card the same as the MaiKai'i card? If you don't have one like most stores they have a blank one that they can scan for you. We were there in March and it is a really lovely store with lots of nice things to buy for snacks if you are at the hotel or full grocery if at a condo/house. They had a really nice section of pre-made foods as well and a really large wine/liquor selection.

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          I think we are both speaking of the same grocery discount card 'Maika'i "
          I did not have it in front of me when I originally posted.. so added a couple of extra letters oops...
          Great little store as you said. Really a lovely selection of deli items to go and prepped meals.Fresh flowers, fruit, cheeses,olives. Quite handy if you don't have time to run up to the village