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Jun 1, 2008 04:23 PM

Plano - BBQ and Mexican recs

We are a bunch of 12-15 women meeting for a reunion in Dallas. Actually staying in Plano. We are looking for relatively inexpensive BBQ and Mexican for dinner that is reasonably priced. I would say that most of them want to be in the $25 or so range, and the rest if us will oblige. What I have seen from zagat's, it's probably easier to do that in Plano that in NY, so I found Taco Diner, Mi Cocina, Red's Patio Grill, and Blue Mesa that may fit the bill, but none of those are really BBQ. Please give me some feedback on those I mentioned, or give us other recs that might be better, and if you can give a good BBQ place, it would be great.

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  1. Taco Diner at Legacy would be a nice location for Mexican. You could also try Mi Cocina at Preston & Spring Creek. Jaspers would be nice but higher than your price point. I don't know that you will find any great options for BBQ in Plano. Ricky Rays on Parker & Independence is okay for a small hole in the wall. The nicest is probably Shady Oak on 75, but again not great bbq by any stretch.

    1. Red's Patio Grill is a great place to have such an event, I've been to quite a few bday parties there and they are always great. When you're talking BBQ in Plano you are in a tough spot...Red Hot and Blue or Shady Oak are the main choices, both of which should be passed up. Have you considered buying alot of BBQ from say, a caterer or something and then having the reunion at a park or pavillion? C & B BBQ in allen is very good and has great Catering type packages.

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        That's not the kind of thing we are thinking about, but thanks. We will be there for the weekend, staying at the Marriott at Legacy Center, so are looking for a few local places to have dinner on Friday and Saturday night.

      2. I have eaten at Red, Hot and Blue and Shady Oak and although i wouldn't call them "great" they do have a nice atmostphere and good food. They would run you between $10-15 per person and I think you would have a good time. Doesn't sound like you are coming for a culinary experience and either of those places wouldn't be a bad place for BBQ especially since it sounds like you have a crowd.

        Also on 75 is either Posada's or Abuelos both Mexican food places that could host a good number of people. Again you would get out of both of these for below your $25 asking price.

        I would recommend any of the above for the type of experience you are describing in your post.

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          There is an Abuelo's on the Tollway just north of Parker that is a lot closer to the hotel at Legacy. There is also a Posada's on the north side of 121 and east of Preston, much closer to their area than Central. AND the shuttle from the hotel will take them there!

          1. re: Miss Picky

            Okay, sounds great. I was just going off the fact that they are in Plano; I am familiar with the ones on 75 is all. I am sure the others will work nicely as well.

            There is also a Blue Mesa Grill up that way if you are interested in trying it.

          2. re: Dallassooner

            The person that we know in Dallas, who I would not call a hound, said that Shady Oak serves as a buffet. Is that true, or is it like Kreutzes so you order at a counter? Or, is it just a menu that you get served from.

            1. re: robinsilver

              Shady Oak is table service. the people that own Shady Oak, also own Spring Creek BBQ, and that's more of the buffet type.

              btw, with where you're staying, you might want to consider Rudy's BBQ in Frisco. It's only about a 5 minute drive.

              1. re: planojim

                Thanks. I looked at Rudy's website, and that looks like it is just take-out service, or counter service. Is that true?

                1. re: robinsilver

                  it's counter service. You tell them how much you want, they slice it for you, put it on butcher paper, you set it on your tray.

          3. IF you and your group are available on Sunday in Plano then I'd suggest Blue Mesa for their Sunday Brunch Buffet which usually has great brisket on the carving board plus many mexican favorites on the buffet. The buffet is served between 10a-2pm and gets very crowded so call ahead for reservations.
            For a weeknight I'd go to Abuelo's for mexican and Shady Oak for Q. Both not foodie quality but mid-priced and tasty. Both have colorful interiors. Warning if you call ahead and reserve a separate room Abuelo's wins with their wall paintings. The Shady Oak main room looks like a hunting lodge but their side room is plain. You won't go wrong with the food at either place.