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Jun 1, 2008 03:22 PM

Charleston SC Dining Experience

My wife and I just spent a week in Charleston on vacation. We ate mostly at places that were recommended on this site. For dinners, we especially liked SNOB, FIG, Blossoms, Hymans, and Cru Cafe in Charleston and Old Village Post House in Mt Pleasant. We stayed in Mt Pleasant and found great breakfasts at Charleston's Cafe and Boulevard Diner. The weekend brunch at Poogan's Porch was wonderful...try to get seating on the porch. Our only disappointment was Momma Browns in Mt Pleasant...a BBQ place that serves buffet style.

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  1. One of these things is not like the other...
    One of these things just doesn't belong!!!!

    Sorry for being a little snarky...Hyman's doesn't happen to be one of my favorites. I'm glad you enjoyed your culinary experience.

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    1. re: GrillMaster

      GM, I'll second that....this is one of the few positive reviews I've seen of Hyman's in a VERY long time.

    2. Count me in on being surprised about the positive review on Hyman's. You will have to tell us what you ordered.

      I am also surprised to see Momma Brown's was a disappointment because I have seen nothing but glowing reports. I have never been to MB, but I would love to hear why it didn't live up to your standards.

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      1. re: lizzy

        Haha, I knew as soon as I saw that they mentioned Hyman's that there were going to be a few curious replies. I'm convinced the reason that everyone continues to go to Hyman's is because of the big sign they have when you're walking out of the concourse of the airport. When I was younger and we used to fly down here to go to Seabrook for summer vacation, we used to always go to Hyman's because we were from Ohio and didn't know any better and just saw that sign that said "Voted #1 Seafood in SC!" (I still have no idea who they surveyed or when this was). Now that I'm down here full time at C of C, I cringe every time one of my friends comes into town and wants to go there.

        I found Momma Brown's to be pretty mediocre as well. They have NC style vinegar BBQ and SC style mustard sauce BBQ. I found the SC style to have WAY too strong a mustard taste, and I just don't like vinegar heavy BBQ sauces so the other didn't appeal either. If you're a big NC BBQ fan it would probably rank higher.