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Bagels in Hollywood

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I can't seem to find decent bagels in the Hollywood area. Anyone have any suggestions???

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  1. I like La Brea Bagels on Beverly at Poinsettia. It is closed on Saturdays.

    1. I think it is called Best Bagels on Fairfax, just south of Beverly on the right hand side. Best Cinnamon bagel I have ever had!

      1. My favorite bagels are from Bagel Brokers - on Beverly just east of Fairfax. They are the closet I've found in LA to NY-style bagels.

        1. Victor's deli used to have them, but they closed. Now I go to Brooklyn Bagels on Beverly, about a block west of Alvarado.

          It's an industrial operation... they make the bagels by the dozen. And because of the throughput, the bagels are always very fresh. In fact, sometimes I have them the next day and they're still good.

          1. Another vote for Bagel Broker.

            1. La Brea Bagel, in the little mini mall, just east of El Coyote on Beverly blvd, south side of the street. This might be the worst bagel establishment in the history of all bad bagel places. The bagels are atrocious, service SUPER rude, expensive, and it tastes like they use saw dust in their bagels. I live right around the corner, walking distance, and I have tried this place 4 times, hoping for something to change my opinion. I strongly suggest Bagel Broker over this place, for this area.

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                Totally agree about Labrea Bagel. Lived near there and so it was quite accessible but the bagels were horrible and the service was even worse. I get bagels from Bagel Brokers weekly for my staff and they love it. Their bialies and japaleno cheddar bagels are the best IMHO.

              2. Not quite hollywood but Western Bagels on Sepulveda blvd rocks... definately worth a saturday morning drive from hollywood.