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Jun 1, 2008 01:49 PM

HELP! Wah Mei or Excellent Pork Chop House (Chinatown)??!

Okay, my Chinatown Food Experts:

Where do I go for my chicken leg w/ salted veggies over rice fix? Oh, and with the egg, too.

I know May Wah closed. Then Wah Mei opened. (I've been trying to follow all the latest posts on this.)

Some people say Wah Mei's chicken dish is better. Some disagree.

Then some say Excellent Pork Chop House on Doyers is better than Wah Mei.


Actually, I was never into the pork chops. Just want the chicken dish.


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  1. excellent pork chop house is just what it was called, they do have chicken leg over rice that you want w/ pickled vegetables and ground marinated meat (you can ask for an egg). It's pretty decent, i haven't had it at wah mei or excellent pork chop house in a while, so hard for me to opine on which is better these days

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      Ok! I think I'll venture to Wah Mei first for old time's sake... since they're in the old May Wah space. LOVED May Wah!