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Jun 1, 2008 01:21 PM

Dick and Jenny's or La Petite Grocery


My husband and I will be taking his parents to dinner this week, but I'm not sure which restaurant has better food and atmosphere.

Can anyone give me their thoughts about the merits or demerits of each restaurant?


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    for menus and pics, go to the above.
    not sure if Dick and Jenny's takes reservations. if not, there could be a wait.

    1. I've been to both and would choose Dick & Jenny's over La Petite Grocery. I've had consistantly excellent service and food and at Dick & Jenny's. At La Petite Grocery, both the food and the service left me disappointed.

      1. Go to D&J's. Their change in ownership didn't affect them much. However, I think Petite went downhill after their chef went to Bistro Daisy.

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          The earlier you go to D&J, the less wait there is likely to be. They open at 5:30pm and they do not take reservations. They are closed Sun-Mon and will be closed the entire month of July.


        2. It depends on what you are looking for. I don't think you can compare the two. While D&J is a cool looking dive, the sticky vinyl table clothes should have been changed out after the storm. La Petite is a beautifully restored old grocery store with with clean white linen table clothes and napkins. The service is informed and efficient. The new chef was the sous chef before the storm and he is making delicious food which I think is far better than the previous chef. Here is a link to my last experience at D&J's

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            Dick and Jenny's is in no way a dive...Coop's is a dive. Dick and Jenny's does have it's own way, the vinyl table covers, the old dishes, the jelly jars for water glasses but it is always clean and they too have clan white linen napkins.. The atmosphere, the service and the food are wonderful and inventive at a fair price and Richard's (Dick) Art is delightful. We had dinner there last night and from the Fried Oysters to our entrees our meal was excellent with not a frozen vegetable in sight. When friends or family visit a trip to Dick and Jenny's is always in order. The owners are two very hard working young people and they are doing a great job of continuing Richard and Jenny's success!

            1. re: luvbigeasy

              When Richard and Jenny owned and operated the restaurant we were in there at least twice a month. Unfortunately, I don't think the new owner has Richard's flair and passion and the difference is definitely noticeable. I would consider Patios or Vizard's.

          2. I agree with the group that the ambiance of these two restaurants is very different. Personally, I just enjoyed the food itself at LP way more than D&J's, but both are good.

            D&J's does not take reservations, LP does.