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Jun 1, 2008 12:55 PM

Creative cooking & good service- need ideas

I've got a birthday celebration coming up and would like some chowhounders ideas. I'm looking for a restaurant which either takes reservations or one is almost guaranteed to be seated without waiting. Good service is a must. It can be a forgotten 20 year old favorite or the new kid on the block, I am not interested in the scene. Most important is the food. I'm looking for dishes that are creative and taste wonderful. Meat and seafood are okay but I prefer those items as garnishes or flavor enhancers to a plant based menu. Some examples of places I enjoy the cooking are How to Cook a Wolf, Rover's, Opal, and Carmalita. I have been disappointed with Crush and Lark. Please post your ideas, thanks!

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  1. Tilth, Brasserie Margaux, Brasa..check their menus for plant-based options, though.

    1. Boat Street. Matt's in the Market.

      1. Have you investigated Marco's Supperclub? I haven't been there in a while, but it's certainly a forgotten favorite. They have a nice patio too, if the weather ever improves.
        I'd call about the menu...the one listed is old.

        Marco's Supper Club
        2510 1st Ave, Seattle, WA 98121

        1. Thanks for the ideas. I haven't eaten at Marco's for years but it was a favorite when it first opened. I really like Marjorie, his ex partners place. I guess I'm fantasizing about finding some unknown great place that will blow you away with it's cooking.

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            If you like Wolf, what about Tavolata or Union for a celebratory dinner?

          2. If your celebration falls on a weekend, I would make a reservation at Art of the Table in Fremont. They have a Weekend Supper Club, offering a customized four-course, prix fixe menu.The food is fabulous and the atmosphere is low-key. Ask for plant-based menu options.... I'm sure they can accommodate.

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              Art of the Table is a great idea. Definitely give Dustin and Laurie a call.