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Jun 1, 2008 12:55 PM

Creative cooking & good service- need ideas

I've got a birthday celebration coming up and would like some chowhounders ideas. I'm looking for a restaurant which either takes reservations or one is almost guaranteed to be seated without waiting. Good service is a must. It can be a forgotten 20 year old favorite or the new kid on the block, I am not interested in the scene. Most important is the food. I'm looking for dishes that are creative and taste wonderful. Meat and seafood are okay but I prefer those items as garnishes or flavor enhancers to a plant based menu. Some examples of places I enjoy the cooking are How to Cook a Wolf, Rover's, Opal, and Carmalita. I have been disappointed with Crush and Lark. Please post your ideas, thanks!

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  1. Tilth, Brasserie Margaux, Brasa..check their menus for plant-based options, though.

    1. Boat Street. Matt's in the Market.

      1. Have you investigated Marco's Supperclub? I haven't been there in a while, but it's certainly a forgotten favorite. They have a nice patio too, if the weather ever improves. http://www.marcossupperclub.com
        I'd call about the menu...the one listed is old.

        Marco's Supper Club
        2510 1st Ave, Seattle, WA 98121

        1. Thanks for the ideas. I haven't eaten at Marco's for years but it was a favorite when it first opened. I really like Marjorie, his ex partners place. I guess I'm fantasizing about finding some unknown great place that will blow you away with it's cooking.

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            If you like Wolf, what about Tavolata or Union for a celebratory dinner?

          2. If your celebration falls on a weekend, I would make a reservation at Art of the Table in Fremont. They have a Weekend Supper Club, offering a customized four-course, prix fixe menu.The food is fabulous and the atmosphere is low-key. Ask for plant-based menu options.... I'm sure they can accommodate.

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              Art of the Table is a great idea. Definitely give Dustin and Laurie a call.
              206.282.0942 info@artofthetable.net