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Jun 1, 2008 12:53 PM

Chattanooga Brunch Suggestions

My dad just moved to Chattanooga. I am visiting for Father's Day and would love to find a good brunch spot (preferably one that takes reservations.)

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  1. Bluewater has a jazz brunch on Sundays. The food has been consistently good every time I've been there, even though the restaurant is a sister of the mediocre Big River.

    I've never had the breakfast at Back Inn Cafe, but I've heard very good things about it. They have nice outdoor seating with a view of the river. The food I've had there in the evenings has been hit-or-miss.

    I would avoid Aretha Frankenstein's. We tried for brunch there yesterday, and ended up walking out before our food arrived. The interior was covered with flies, and the service was lousy.

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      Thanks for the recommendations. I looked at Bluewater online and see that they have a brewery too. How are their beers?

      1. re: hungry girl33

        The brewery is actually the affiliated restaurant next door (Big River). The beers are, for the most part, quite good. The Sweet Magnolia Brown is a favorite, as is the Iron Horse Stout. They also have some beers that are not really "on the list", such as a hand-pulled IPA.

        If you like the beers, they have actually only recently started bottling some of them for retail sale.

    2. Aretha's, while good, is a pain to eat at (weekends especially). If it's crowded expect at least 40 minutes to get your food. If there's only a few tables it still could take that long. I haven't really had any problems with flies when I've been but it just takes too long to get your food. It's good, though.

      1. 212 Market has a nice brunch when we were there last fall.