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Jun 1, 2008 12:40 PM

The Bubble Shop at Golden Village Oriental Supermarket...

Just came from a quick Asian shopping trip at the Golden Village Oriental Supermarket on Central Park Ave. in Scarsdale and noticed...The Bubble Shop, to your left as you enter. Apparently it is new and offers a variety of Asian style beverages including teas, smoothies and different flavors of 'Bubble Tea' which I understand originated in Taiwan...There was also what looked like a small Chinese buffet for lunch at a reasonable $3.99. Behind the counter the staff was busy preparing fresh pressed buns...Anyone been there yet? By the way, took home a lovely bag of ripe lychee and they are delicious!

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  1. My favorite store in Scarsdale, The Bubble tea is about $3.50 and it is absolutely delicious, I like it so much I finish it less than 5 minute. I usually order the smoothie because it last longer, crushed ice with Taro (sometype of purple bean/yam?) Cakes and Chinese snacks are freshly made daily. Eventhough its a chinese supermarket they have groceries from other part of Asia such as Indonesia, Philipines, Korea and Japanese. It is like small Chinatown thats close to Westchester. I work in NYC and live in NR, I still prefer to shop in this small and friendly place rather than Chinatown, The price are definately reasonable. LOVE IT

    1. I also LOVE Golden Village and the Bubble Shop. The prepared lunch food wasn't great, I only had it once, but for 3.99 you can hardly complain. The bubble tea is really good and the prepared foods in the main supermarket is all wonderful. i especially love their Bok Choy and spring rolls. I don't think the bubble shop is all that "new". I moved here almost 2 years ago now and it has been there since I moved here. It definitely makes up for the fact I'm no longer a subway ride from Chinatown!

      1. I was just there tonight! I love the Vanilla Bubble tea or the Vanilla Smoothie. I've tried most of the flavors and for me, Vanilla is the best. I also get a can of those dried Wasabi peas. It's a nice flavor combination.