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Jun 1, 2008 12:37 PM

European Breakfast near Greenlake

Continental, I should specify. My girlf and I are looking for a place we can walk to around 10am, get a nice espresso and some croissants & jam, maybe fresh OJ.... you know. Is there a place that's especially good near Greenlake? Is there a place that's especially good that we just MUST visit in Seattle? I'm not so into big American breakfasts of eggs & potatoes, so that's not a concern.

ready.... go!

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  1. What you are seeking may be a full bakery. I know of none in Greenlake, however you might try the Urban Bakery right across the street from the park. I have not been to My Friend's Cafe but that might be nice. Otherwise, down in the south part of Wallingford is the lovely Essential Bakery and if you're over in Queen Anne (or downtown) there is the famed Macrina. Both will fit your needs of a Euro style cafe and croissant. I recall a really cute place in Ballard with buttery croissants, although I cannot remember the name. Possibly Zoka (south Greenlake/north Wallingford) might do the trick if you want to be near Greenlake.

    There seems to be a dearth of charming breakfast places in Seattle (IMHO) outside of bakeries--most coffee and croissant needs filled by a local and ubiquitous Starbucks--although I'd rather visit Diva, Lladro or even Petes. Hoards of people clamor to get into Mae's Phinney Ridge cafe, someplace to me that is questionably clean with service to match. (I way prefer Pete's Eggnest.) But I really digress.

    Another option is about a half mile north of Greenlake in the Maple Leaf neighborhood is Cafe Javasti, a cute little crepe and coffee place that also offers some baked goods---although the crepes are pretty tasty and light. The coffee is wonderful as well. It can be busy on weekends with a wait for crepes, but definitely worth a try.


    Urban Bakery
    7850 E Green Lake Dr N, Seattle, WA

    Cafe Javasti
    8410 5th Ave NE, Seattle, WA

    Essential Baking Co
    1604 N 34th St, Seattle, WA

    Macrina Bakery At Mc Graw
    615 W Mcgraw St, Seattle, WA

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      Wow, what a reply! I'll have to get over to Cafe Javasti - that sounds like the kind of place we're looking for. Thanks for the great recs.

      1. re: seagrace

        I second the My Friends Cafe at Greenlake recommendation! Zoka is generally mobbed Saturday mornings.

      2. If you can handle a Japanese-European continental breakfast, check out Cafe Hiroki, not far from Greenlake. Excellent pastries of all descriptions:

        According to their site, though, they're open mornings only on weekends.

        Hiroki Specialty Desserts
        2224 N 56th St, Seattle, WA 98103

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          I can handle it. That's actually about 2 minutes walk from my house, I just haven't popped in yet. Walked by today but they're closed, I'll check back Wednesday. Thanks for the recommendation!

        2. Cafe Besalu is not exactly at Greenlake, but not too far away and you can get croissants and jam with coffee/espresso. It qualifies as "must visit."

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            That was the place I was thinking of! It was tres excellent. Javasti is great (and there's one in Wedgewood) however they do their own crepy thing and no croissants in sight. Visit both!

          2. I've been eating the croissants at the Boulangerie on 45th my whole life, and especially like the almond ones. You could have a nice walk to Greenlake from there, even if it's not right next door.