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Jun 1, 2008 11:52 AM

Places around SE MA

A few friends and i are sick of the old favorites and we desperately want to try something new.

Our location is anywhere near south eastern MA, including Taunton, New Bedford, Fall River, North Dartmouth, etc.

We are all open-minded and we eat virtually anything (the only exception is we don't like Indian cuisine)

Thanks a bunch


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  1. it' s hard to make recs w/o knowing just what your "old favorites" are, really, but if you haven't been to cafe funchal in new bedford it's worth a stop. had a really nice octopus stew there yesterday for lunch, and they have all sorts of portuguese favorites. it's pretty close to sid wainer's too, which is always worth hitting up for gourmet treats when you're down that way .

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      How about Back Eddy in Westport, MA? It's a Chris Schlesinger restaurant (started East Coast Grille in Cambridge). It has BBQ, seafood, and griled stuff. Great place.

      1. re: la ciclista

        It was a Chris Schlesinger restaurant but he sold it-I think to one of his chefs. Still a great place but can get very busy in the evening.
        Another place to try is Margaret's in Fair Haven. A BYOB which is very unusual on the South Coast. Great food but they don't take reservations.Go early.

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          Hmmmmmmmm, This Back Eddy seems really interesting.

          As for Cafe Fuchal and Sid Wainer's i think i shall check em out. Don't really go out much for Portuguese food since my family is full blooded but its always nice to see backyard variations of home style cuisine.

          Cool, those sound pretty righteous.

          As for my occasional favorites i have been in a thai kick for the past 6 years and have been dining at Thai taste/thai taste too in somerset and north dartmouth respectively as well as chatta box in bridgewater.

          Been experimenting with some mexican places, found a good one in Fiesta in somerset which is more than a little tacky but VERY reasonable has some pretty good fare and for some reason that place is never full so it's quiet and relaxed.

          i have been wanting to find some seriously good italian around here, other than most people's standard "favorite" of Vinny Testa's.


    2. Went to a show in NB last year and great meal at Lebanese Kitchen. Tried a sampler for 2 which could have easily fed 4. Of the several items only 1 was sub par.