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Boston CSA delivery

I am new to Boston and am looking for a CSA that will deliver to my apartment in the South End. Does anyone know of one? I came across Boston Organics but it doesn't seem like they source all their materials from a local CSA. Thanks!

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  1. No true CSA in the Boston area does home delivery - they all have pick-up locations. Boston Organics is great, but the vast majority of the produce is not locally sourced. The fruit and veg are consistently good, and it is very good value for the $.

    1. http://www.greenpeople.org/csa.htm
      Scroll down to MA. Looks like Red Fire Farm and Community Farms Outreach, Inc. in Waltham are your best bets. There's an organic vegan CSA that just opened this year. Last time we ate at Veggie Planet they had a flier up there...we had also heard about it from a friend.

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        Community Farms Outreach, Inc. is also known as Waltham Fields Community Farm. They only deliver to Somerville (First Congregational Church, 89 College Avenue (for pre-registered shareholders only): Tuesdays, 4 PM to 7 PM). Otherwise, you have to pick up at the farm in Waltham.


        They are sold out for the 2008 growing season, so you might try again next year.

      2. Stone Soup Farms has a delivery location at the Non-Profit Center on South Street which isn't too far from you. I can't wait for the first pick-up!


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          they are full for this year, but you can be added to the waiting list for next year I was told.

        2. Yeah, at this point, pretty much all the CSAs are sold out for the season, yet many also maintain waiting lists, and if there's a midsummer bounty, they add subscribers. That's how we got in with Brookfield last year, and we love it.

          And Cork (upthread) is correct, very few deliver to your door, and the ones that do only do so in the outer suburbs. But depending on where you are in the South End, I'd recommend the Copley Sq farmers market (Tues & Fri, 11a-6p). It's all local and very good quality.

          You might be interested in Siena Farms, which has a CSA program that allows you to pay a subscription fee and go pick out the produce at their Copley stand at a reduced rate from non-subscribers. Though their quality is great, I don't think it's such a tremendous deal, but it may be up your alley.

          Stillman Farms is at Copley too, and if you are into joining their meat CSA, they have been known to allow one to pick up the share at Copley if you ask very sweetly (otherwise, the meat pickup is in Jamaica Plain or Brookline).

          1. I looked into a lot of CSAs a couple weeks ago and most with drop-offs in Boston/Cambridge were indeed sold out, but Parker Farms seems to have some slots left. Same thing, they don't deliver to your door, you have to pick up at one of their weekly drop-off points.

            1. red fire farm does home delivery of CSA boxes


              expensive, and sold out.

              1. I apologize to the OP ( this is not for the South end) but I wanted to mention-

                I just heard about a new local produce source (also this is a local pick up not to your door... ) that will be coming to Cambridge, Newton, Jamaica Plain and Somerville, it is currently only in Salem - https://www.inseason.us/

                I joined the Parker Farms CSA this year and so far I really like it. I subscribed to Boston Organics for a few years and really liked that as well - so convenient, and also you can make a list of things you don't want (plus additional items like coffee...) This year I wanted to try a local CSA.

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                  My son and both I joined Parker Farms CSA last night. I got a small share at $300, and my son a large at $475. Steve of the farm said they are now full. He expects the harvest to pick up a bit next week, but we were happy with our takes. Among the pickings that I remember: broccoli, red-leaf lettuce, white radishes, incredibly sweet peas (would like a bushel-full of those), baby bok. Feels good to support local agriculture, and the variety of really fresh veggies in our diets can't hurt.

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                    "incredibly sweet peas (would like a bushel-full of those)"

                    tell me about it!!! BTW Steve wrote in this weeks email that he could use some extra hands this weekend w/ planting and there are tons of sugar snap peas that you can pick while there and load up on... I unfortunately can't make it this weekend, or I would totally do this.

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                      I received 2 pint containers full in my share at 6:30 last night and there's maybe 1/3 left without having cooked a single one. I've been eating them like candy.

                      This is my graduation weekend so I won't be able to make it out unfortunately. Such is life.