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Jun 1, 2008 10:41 AM

Where to buy la dalia pimenton de la vera hot ?


I'm looking for la dalia brand pimenton de la vera picante or hot either locally or online. The sweet and bittersweet varieties seem available online, but I can't find the hot either online or in a store. Any help?

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  1. Don't know for sure but have you tried Surfas Restaurant Supply in Culver City? https://www.surfasonline.com/catalog/... They have an extensive selection of spices as well as alot of other interesting goodies. In the past I've also purcharsed hot and/or sweet smoked paprika on-line from La Tienda Spanish foods in Seattle. Makin' paella?

    1. You can also try calling La Espanola Meats in Harbor City. I know they carry lots of paprika products - don't know if they carry the particular one you're after though...


      1. Believe it or not, I found it a Whole Foods but it was not in the spice section. I think it was with condiments..jar olives etc. I found it by accident.

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          Awesome news. I just bought a different kind and it just isn't the same. I live in Canada, but am hoping that WF up here has La Dalia too.