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Jun 1, 2008 10:19 AM

Urbano- Great Food

Went to Urbano yesterday (942 Queen West)- Italian-Style Tapas Parlour. We enjoyed our visit thoroughly. We went for a snack- figured we would try a few things. They decor is very nice and relaxing....we sat at the nice patio in back, which would look great at night when it is lit. Nice cozy atmosphere good for nice long conversations. Service was good and friendly.

We were served bread with a nice bean spread upon arrival. Menu is not too long...but definitely enough dishes to choose from. Plates are smaller, but because you want to try more than one thing, that was most welcome. We tried the carbonara- excellent. We had had a really bad carbonara at Volo a few weeks back and this was the complete opposite. Sympatico. They don't use cream like most......and that was the correct choice. Not try, and pasta was tender. YUM!!!!!! We tried the sausage an polenta.....never had good polenta....this had a creamy taste that was just scrumputuous. It was well matched with the sausage and rapini. We also tried the patates, orange sorbetto and tiramisu. All very good. I will definitely be going back to try other dishes...if not fro another plate of heavenly carbonara!!!

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  1. Just went to Urbano today for dinner for the first time, had a decent brunch there once and maybe still have some withdrawal from when Sugar used to be there.. It was a good experience and should stand well as a neighbourhood staple.

    As mentioned they refer to "tapas-style" but really they just mean small dishes, maybe about 2 dishes making up one modest entree. Highlights from the meal were:

    -Urbano pasta, just marvelously rich and creamy Parmesan cream sauce with sundried tomatoes, rapini, and artichoke.

    -The veal which was done with a thick tomato and mushroom sauce. The veal itself was competent, but not particularly special but the sauce had an intense flavor to it that brought it together.

    -Mussels with tomato sauce. Mussels were surprisingly plump with flavor and the tomato sauce once again held flavor extremely well. It was a little thick though, more like a tomato paste and would be a little more refined if it was not so "sludgy'.

    Service was very friendly and responsive but it's hard to tell as we were the only ones in the restaurant! At 7:30PM on a Saturday! I'm not quite sure why but the place won't last with that kind of traffic (i.e. none). I did find that while the food was very satisfying, the menu wasn't that creative - calamari, veal, mussels, simple pastas, etc. which may not appeal to the finicky Queen west crowd... The food is very rustic Italian, heavy flavors, relatively few ingredients, but competently prepared.

    Prices were very reasonable, each dish was $6-10 and we're small eaters and found 2 dishes per person was definitely enough. A decent enough place but probably would be more like a casual backup rather than an actual dinner to look forward to, due to the odd vacancy of the place (which I've noticed walking by before) and the relatively staid menu.

    942 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J1G8, CA