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Jun 1, 2008 10:18 AM

Israeli grocery in Phila.?

I'm going to be in Philadelphia next month. Are there any groceries that specialize in Israeli foods? I'll be looking for things like limonana, Bissli, olive oil, date spread, halvah spread, etc

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  1. ShopRite Kosher Experience in Cherry Hill (about 3 miles from the Ben Franklin bridge, down rt. 70) if you have a car has a good selection. Wegmans (about a mile or two further) also has a good selection of Israeli products.

    Near Center City you might try the Lebanese grocers. We shop at Bitar's which is in South Philly at 10th & Federal, about a 10 minute walk South of South Street. They have great halvah, pastries, canned and jarred products (most likely including the date spread), labneh, etc. No Bissli there however. They also have great grilled felafel sandwiches to eat there & very good pita.

    1. Ginuardis in Wynnewood carries a lot of Israeli/kosher food
      and the ACME market in Narberth