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Jun 1, 2008 10:12 AM

need recs for ladies' and teenage daughters trip to Baltimore

looking for recs...ethnic ok, casual a must, adventuresome ok.....any good sushi in Baltimore?

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  1. My two personal choices would be Faidley's for crabcakes at lunch and then The Helmand Restaurant for a nice dinner of Afghani food.

    1. More info would be helpful. When are you coming? Where are you staying? Will you have a car? How far are you willing to walk? Is there a price point you're looking for? Anything besides sushi that you want to try while you're here?

      1. Denise is 100% right that the Helmand is the place to go. Casual and friendly. Afghan food is not common, but it's completely accessible if you have had Indian food. Also, close to downtown, where I assume that you're staying.

        Gertrude's at the Baltimore Museum of Art comes to mind too. If your daughters have any interest in art, the museum is (or was recently) free. You could walk around the museum and the outdoor sculpture garden. Then you can eat at Gertrude's, which aims for a Chesapeake Bay cuisine and is really nice.

        Pazo's is a pretty unique place for a celebration dinner. It's tapas, "dressy" casual, meaning more expensive. But it has a very NYC feel that teenagers might savor.

        Also consider just walking around the Fells Point neighborhood and picking something that looks good. There are restaurants and a gelato joint. It's a fun scene.

        Also, check out these blogs (which each link to other Bmore blogs):,, and The authors at even invite you to ask for their food recommendsations.