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Riptide by the Bay

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Anybody tried riptide in Fells Point?

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  1. is it open? I swung by at the beginning of May and they weren't ready.

    1. stopped in yesterday morning to have a look at the space and the menu. Looks like a place worth trying out, space is nicely decorated and the prices are reasonable with something to appeal to every taste. One of the staff members (owners?) told us they are working on finishing the upstairs area as well as an outdoor area but they are not ready yet. That's all I can provide for now, but am looking forward to trying it out.

      1. I have reservations for Sunday night so hope they have it together by then

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          Please report back! The decor and atmosphere is nice, relaxing, beachy... If I stop in this week I will post back on here

        2. I've been there twice, once for dinner and once for drinks. Both were wonderful, especially considering the restuarant opened a day or two before I first visited. They serve typical bar food that is done extremely well.
          One of the daily specials was the soft shell crab sandwich and it was fantastic. I hope it makes it to the regular menu. They actually put some effort into their veggie burgers too and it shows - something that can't be said for the majority of bars in Baltimore.
          They have a little (covered) outdoor seating area that is perfect for sipping some of their yummy, fruity drinks. If you visit, I'd suggest you get the drink that uses fresh squeezed orange juice (Chesapeake Bay Crush, I think).

          1. Yes, we ventured in when they first opened for drinks. The staff was super-friendly, and the chef (Renaldo if I recall correctly) was finalizing the menu and sent out fried calamari with 3 types of sauce for us to sample. It was THE BEST calamari I've ever had!

            I look forward to trying the crabs!

            1. sas- Did you make it to Riptide on Sunday? How was your experience?

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                We had to cancel we are trying to get their tonight. I will let you know. Did you see the little blurb in todays paper?

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                  I didn't I will try to look it up now! Sorry you had to cancel hope you make it over there tonight.

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                    I also tried to go on Sunday. But when we got there, there was a sign saying the kitchen was closed for inventorying purposes.

                    Will have to try again.

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                      what?! That's....well, fishy. Do inventory before or after business hours, like the rest of the world.

              2. Ok went their last night. I am a women of few words so I will be as brief as possible. Place is cute people were very friendly only 3 tables with customers. Wine very very limited. Took forever to get our food(remember only 3 tables) Crab quacamole appetizer as pictured in the Sun On Wednesday. It was good but only had about 2 pieces of crab it did not look like the picture. calamarie was good and sauces were nice. mussels the broth was excellent but mussels were small and not meaty. Seafood taco good but missing the guacamole as stated on the menu. Hightide was interesting and we all thought pretty good(was a mixture of crab shaped like a burger). As you can see we did not try any of the entrees so can't help you out they sounded good. I know this place is new but it needs some work

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                  Thanks for reporting back sas. Would you try it again after giving them some time to work out kinks? The environment in there was just so inviting would be nice to go for dinner not just drinks.

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                    Place has great potential, serious kitchen, delays in permits for potentially very nice outdoor and second floor seating, looks like it will be great after they get it really running later.

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                      Not sure. My husband probably won't I am pretty game for anything. The potential is there! Somone will have to report it has gotten a lot better

                  2. They are now serving crabs - has anyone tried them there yet?