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Jun 1, 2008 09:30 AM

Sweet Melissa's new ice cream wing now open

Yesterday the new wing of Sweet Melissa's opened: an ice cream parlor! The room looked really nice and is quite spacious. As well the sundaes and ice cream menu looked amazing. Anybody go? I had just eaten so I refrained. Anyone know if they make their own?

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  1. I had a scoop of the pistachio last night. It was ok, but nothing special. They don't make their own -- the bins were labeled "Russell's", not a brand I'm familiar with. There's a big menu of sundaes, but they all seemed too sugary and over-the-top.

    I'd much rather hike over to Blue Marble for better product or just buy a pint at the deli.

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    1. re: oolah

      The containers I saw were labeled "Bassett's", a Philadelphia brand.

    2. Any other input about this place? I walked by yesterday, and it really did look adorable. I want to know if those sundaes are really worth $10 or $11! Do love Blue Marble, but Sweet Melissa is much closer.

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      1. re: Olive123

        I was disappointed. The space is nice and the ice cream was ok, but I thought since it was from Sweet Melissa and they bake all their own goods, the ice cream would have been homemade. As previously noted, it wasn't. So, nothing wrong with it, but nothing worth going out of your way for.

        1. re: jdf

          The Chocolate Room which opens across the street this week makes their own ice cream and desserts.

          1. re: Brigita

            I tried a scoop of the vanilla and the mint chip from the Chocolate Room and it's definitely a cut above the Sweet Melissa stuff. Better, fresher ingredients and much better flavor. The texture was a bit icy, but overall I enjoyed it -- SM is going to have to step up their game with the CR right across the street.

      2. I had a cone on their second day and I truly thought it was a rip-off. I think the one scoop was about $3.50 and it was tiny! I was actually going to say, "Are you kidding with the size of that scoop?", but I decided to pay and just not go back. And the ice cream was just okay. Too bad, because I was hoping for something better.

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        1. re: Carol Gardens

          That was the other thing I forgot to say. The ice cream was ok, but the cone was so thin and long that the scoop just sat on top, and once you finished the ice cream, you were still left with a lot of cone and no ice cream.

        2. has anyone tried the hot fudge?

          1. Wait, which Sweet Melissa is the one with the ice cream parlor?

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              1. re: funniduck

                The Cobble Hill one, on Court Street.