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Jun 1, 2008 09:26 AM

Just Back from Paris!

I just want to thank all of you 'Chowhounders' for inspiring us to eat at some really great places.

To share, we had our first dinner at Henri IV on Ile de la Cite (where we were staying in an apartment). With our two sons in tow (ages 7 and 5) we had a great jet lagged meal. Low key and yummy. My husband had a very unique sandwich, foie gras with goat cheese, topped with magret prosciutto paired with a nice Margeaux! Great spot.

We also ate at Reminet in the 5 e. A wonderful bistro with a New French menu. We (including the boys) had a wonderful meal there.

Ze Kitchen Gallerie wowed at party of 11 of us (just adults, thank goodness). The Asian-French fusion was welcome after a few days of many a classic French dish.

The next night we ate at Les Boquinistes. We were a party of 16 (4 young kids included) and they were very accomodating to the younger palates amoung us. We were in Paris to celebrate a 6 year old family member's victory over leukemia so this was really her party! Although I am more of a fan of the Ze Kitchen's cuisine, Les Boquinistes was very good.

My husband and I shared an innovative and fun lunch at Spring, Paris with chef Daniel Rose. Most memorable was a tartare of duck- like nothing I have ever had before!

L'Astrance was our big meal out. Truly special! Here is a link to the event and menu. Yes, a $350 lunch is astronomical but I will never forget it.

For the fanfare for the kid's, we went to Altitude 95 at the Tour Eiffel. Honestly, of the meals I had in Paris, this was nothing to write home about. Even though it was a very special location and very kid friendly, I felt that we were in a giant cafeteria in an international airport. Don't bother.

Our final meal was at Fish Boissonnerie in the 6e. Laid back and fun, an awesome spot if you are into seafood. The boys were offered dishes that were focused on a younger palate (very nice of them). The rest in our party all had interesting and delish parings. I highly recommend this spot.

Of course some of the most fun things to do were to seek out the best creperie, patisserie, and ice cream. For the boys, nothing came close to Berthillon's mango ice cream but Amorino has a killer Biscotto flavor too. I had a dream trip to the Gran Epicerie market in the Bon Marche Shopping area (A MUST GO!). We also took a Fat Tire Bike Tour to Versailles and one of the highlights was the trip to the open air market to buy picnic provisions. Of course we bought more than we could eat but the choices were just too many!

Thanks again foodies, your help made our dining in Paris really great.

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  1. great, great video from l'astrance. loved it. thanks for sharing.

    1. Sounds like you had a great time with your family. Where is Henry IV? In 3 weeks,I'll be staying on Ile Saint Louis with my 10 yo so I am amassing a list of places to eat with him. We'll be across the street from Berthillon! We plan to go there, Amorino and Christian Constant almost daily. When you went to Berthillon, was there a long line?

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        We went 4 or 5 times and the line wasn't long at all. There was a line at Amorino in the 6 e but in moved quickly. Henri IV is at the tip of the Ile de la Cite (next to the Pont Neuf). Also, there are a couple of nice bistros in the Place Dauphine, the 'secret' park on the tip of the Ile de la Cite. They are nice because there is really no traffic to speak of and if kids get antsy they can go out and play in the park while you watch from the table. Have fun!

        1. re: SoupRQT

          Thanks for your input and also for the wonderful video of L'Astrance.

        2. re: Aleta

          The gelati at Amorino are terrible, don't bother! I have no idea why they're so popular. The fruit flavours in particular are very artificial-tastubg and the texture is all wrong. I got a yoghurt gelato from there recently hoping my memories were exaggerated and the texture and taste were like a McFlurry!

          The place to get really incredibly gelato is at Pozzetto (they have a website showing you where their shops are). There's a branch in the Marais. They only have about 8 flavours a day because they make them all fresh and they're just beautiful. Also they do really great Italian coffee...and good coffee is darn hard to find in Paris sometimes.

          Bertillon is nicer than Amorino but not as good as Pozzetto IMO.

          1. re: chochotte

            Thanks for that recommendation.
            I've yet to try Pozzetto. So far, just two branches in Paris:
            39, Rue du Roi de Sicile, 4th, and 21, Rue de LĂ©vis, 17th.


        3. Thanks for the great review and especially the video from l'Astrance.

          1. That vid was lots of fun. Thanks!

              1. re: lisavf

                Thank you for watching! We had such a great time there and it was really fun putting it together so I could relive it in a way.