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Jun 1, 2008 09:10 AM

Ginger beer, who has the best and

i recently bought some ginger beer syrup from a Caribbean market but I want to make some ginger beer and was wondering do you think if i just added selter water that might work or something else? Help

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  1. I've done something like that before (ginger simple syrup with seltzer and a mint leaf or two) and have come up with a somewhat lighter version of ginger beer (I suppose one might call it ginger flavoured Italian soda), so I don't see why it wouldn't work the same way for you with the ginger beer syrup.

    If you happen to have both on hand, why not give it a try? Couldn't hurt and can't imagine that it would taste bad even if it doesn't turn out exactly how you imagined.

    1. I've never made my own, but if you're looking for a great bottled brand, try Reed's Extra Spicy Ginger Beer. Mix with Gosling's dark rum, add a couple of slices of lime, and you have the best summer drink ever: the Dark & Stormy.

      1. Check out the Ginger Beer under Recipes -> Project. It definitely has some ginger kick to it.