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Jun 1, 2008 08:12 AM

Taquerias, etc. near Santa Rosa

First, I'm hoping someone can clear up some confusion. There are multiple threads and links about Antojitos La Texanita in Santa Rosa, and some say the address is 250 Sebastopol Rd while the group chowhound outing says the address is 1667 Sebastopol Rd. Which is it? Are there two different restaurants or something?

Also, if any folks have other cheap Mexican eats suggestions in or near Santa Rosa, this Boston hound would much appreciate it.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. It's 1667 Sebastopol Road. Yet, there are several taco trucks and many eating opportunities along Sebastopol Road. In less than two miles you can cruise Roseland - a great, low cost shopping and eating area that serves many local, immigrant families.

    I suggest taking Highway 101 to Highway 12, heading west toward Sebastopol & getting off at the first exit, Dutton Avenue. At Dutton go left two blocks to Sebastopol Road. If you've got the time and the appetite, you can eat your way from Lola's Market at 440 Dutton to Mekong Market across the street at 206 Sebastopol Road to the taco trucks parked along Sebastopol Avenue to Antojitos La Texanita (a must stop) to Stony Point Road where after turning right, you'll find more taquerias, a Pho House and (just north of Highway 12) the beautiful Oliver's grocery store.

    Don't be shy about pulling into strip malls and free standing buildings to check out interesting places. There's lots of turn-over here. Do let us know if you find a treasure.

    There are many wonderful opportunities to eat low-cost Mexican, Salvadoran, Southeast Asian and even farmer's markets and farm stands with seasonal produce. Don't forget the bakeries either - some of the bread here is amazing.

    It all depends on how long you'll be here and how much you can eat while here.

    Hope Eat Nopal chimes in on this.

    1. Hello... I have tried a number of places around here... the only ones in Santa Rosa that I am excited about are Antojitos La Texanita & Taco Max... I have tried others on Sebastopol Rd. and found hit & miss lots of average places... nothing that has wowed me.

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          FYI: Taco Max seems to have a booth now at the Wednesday Night Market in downtown Santa Rosa. They aren't located near most of the other food booths, but at the end of the market nearer to the mall, on the street outside Tex Wasabi's. I recall pupusas and salvadorean tamales being on menu, but I don't know if that changes weekly or not, and after the week I've had, don't trust my memory too much at the moment...but they are there!

          1. re: chocolateninja

            I think the two brothers might not be exactly happy with each other, Arturo is off on his own doing the FM thing now... Taco Max has basically lost its appeal to me without him.

            But... let me add another place... the Coffee / Dessert shop next to El Michoacan... the Espresso & Jericallas make it chow worthy... I still want to go back for a Head Cheese torta.

        2. Please get the Sopes and pecado zarendeado at La Texanita!

          1. Thanks everybody. We found Antojitos La Texanita at 1667 Sebastopol and had a great dinner. We tried a whole mess of tacos - carnitas, chorizo, al pastor, cabeza and the fish tacos, as well as the sopes picadillo. Especially memorable were the tortillas on the tacos, the carnitas and the sopes. And it's a very chowhound place in a very foodie city.

            Thanks again!

            1. Not sure how cheap is "cheap" for you but El Sombrero #2 on the corner of Piner and Range in Santa Rosa has REALLY good food. They are definitely worth checking out.

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                Has it gotten better... I've eaten twice there... the first time the Cabeza taco was a standout (Guacamole sucked, as did the beans)... the 2nd time the Cabeza taco was not as fresh... the fortunes of these places are usually tied to the line cook's abilities so maybe they have a more talented cook back there in the last year?