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Jun 1, 2008 07:34 AM

Lobster breakfast and late night dining

Hi, all,
Flying into Logan on a red-eye from SF, jonesing for some lobster on the way to New Hampshire. I'm talking 8am Sunday morning, and I'm not talking bits in an omelette. Don't have time to linger, is there someplace to get a great lobster roll or even (she dreams!) a good freshly boiled lobster, not one that's spent a year in a pound ..>?
Second request, coming back Tuesday night for an early Wednesday morning flight, where can we find good food in the area on our way back toward Logan, maybe after 9pm? Staying that night out toward Logan.
Thanks, friends. I don't eat lobster that's been on a plane -- it loses its sweetness at high altitude -- and where I'll be in New Hampshire is NOT lobster eating country.

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  1. Go to a large grocery store and have them steam you up one or two and have a picnic.

    1. Lobster Roll - Kelly's on Revere Beach is definitely open at that time. Yankee Lobster, through the Ted Williams Tunnel on Northern Ave, opens later in the morning per website (, but will have both lobster rolls and boiled lobster.
      There are several Legal Seafoods ( in the airport which may or may not be open that early. If they are, you'll be able to have your boiled lobster breakfast.

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      1. re: JRL

        I 2nd Kelly's. Not far from the airport either :)

      2. Wherever you decide on... call ahead and make sure that they have lobster. One of Boston's largest suppliers is temporarily (I hope) out of commission.

        Other than that, second for Kelly's, especially given the setting (sitting on the beach in the morning). It also is only a short trip to the end of the blue line and a quick walk.

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        1. re: patiofixture

          Thanks, friends. We're in transit Sunday morning, Kelly's looks like the way to get my lobster fix and the salt air will help replace the stale airline air from the red-eye flight. I'll report back and let you know!