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Jun 1, 2008 06:33 AM

frozen potatoes

I'll make my own fozen dinners using tasy leftovers. I've never been happy with mealy texture of potoatoes that were frozen - like mashed potatoes in shephers'd pie or in stews and curries. What is the secrete step to freezing potatoes?


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  1. My mom always said you can't freeze potatoes. They just don't do well. If anyone has a secret, I'd like to know it too.

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      there's got to be a way, how do those frozen dinners and hash browns do it???

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        Like some other commercial frozen foods, frozen, raw potatoes are basically an industrial "miracle." Special varieties have been/are bred and they're processed per proprierary processes in big, expensive machinery Freeze-dried coffee exists too but unless you're Alton Brown in a goofier mood than usual, it's probably not something you want to try at home. (lol)

        Otherwise, try waxier potatoes - Yukon golds are widely available these days and hold up to freezing better than Idahos/russets; you might be able to do better (in season) with other varieties. IMX, mashed potatoes are never as good as even refrigerated leftovers but not intolerable if you stir/whip them back into shape and adjust consistency - which won't work for a pre-prepared topping. If that can even be done commercially, it's probably helped by other veg starches and gums, and maybe an emulsifier or so just for good measure. (vbg). Things you can play with at home if you really want to...

    2. J.R. Simplot knew, but he wasn't telling. He died last month at the age of 99, a very wealthy man. Frozen potatoes were good to him.

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        thanks all for the comments, I may give up on the frozen mashed potatoes.....