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Jun 1, 2008 06:19 AM

Montauk Restaurant Suggestions?

Hi, I am looking for some restaurant suggestions in Montauk. A place to have lobsters? A fun breakfast place for the kids? A place to pick up lunch for the beach? And an italian restaurant? A place to sit and have lunch? Thanks.

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      1. Here's a few recent posts. To update: Estia Cantina is gone, replaced with Indian Wells which I'm hearing good things about, used to own Fresno I think. Prices are right for the locals anyway and there's some fajita dish that they go crazy for. The Mexican/lobster place on Napeague Stretch is now a steakhouse or American whatever. Who knows if they're good, they're from NYC I think. Inlet is for sale and the former chef is at Fishbar. I think they're gliding this year.

        For kids, I have to recommend Ricks Crabby Cowboy Cafe, the kids will have a great time but so will the adults, lots of comfortable room to hang out and great basic food. Lobsters, go to Duryeas Dock or Ricks. Italian, Luigi's near the circle is where the locals go, it's Brooklyn style. To sit and have lunch, Westlake or Diamond Cove are my favorites so far this year. Pick up food, Gaviolas Deli up by Gosmans or the other little place on the corner there that looks like a Carvel stand. And there are a few hot dog trucks that have the most scenic locations, one in Gosmans parking lot and the other at Ditch Plains Beach (where the surfers are, so it's a little healthier fare than usual).

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        1. The place on the corner that looks like a Carvel stand is:
          Waterside - Takeout
          Address: 440 W Lake Dr, Montauk, NY 11954
          Phone: (631) 668-0100

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            Is that the name of the "Carvel stand" on the corner? I always forget the name. And T. is the owner? Very popular for breakfast and lunch.

          2. It might be too early in the season for this, but there's a truck in the parking lot next to the IGA that sells these New Orleans-style iced sno-balls. They have tons of interesting flavors, and are great for kids.

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              Actually a few different concession trucks are selling these in addition to their regular fare, the Paddy Wagon up by Gosmans and the Chaahs truck at Sagg Main Beach are two I am sure about, it's the new thing this year.