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Jun 1, 2008 05:32 AM

is Four Burgers in Central Sq open yet?

I've been walking past Four Burgers on Mass Ave for weeks. It seems that it is getting ready to open. Does anyone know exactly when it is opening? It can only be a matter of days as they have taken down the paper that was covering the windows. there is even a menu in the window that includes (surprisingly) four different types of burgers!

The concept sounds cool - I'm looking forward to stuffing my face with a burger as soon as i can find out when it opens so i don't have to eat the sub standard burgers that can be found in other Mass Ave joints.

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  1. no - it opens on wednesday, see you in the line

    1. Actually, had lunch there today, as I went in with one of their wine distributors. They weren't actually open, but they fed us lunch anyway. FREAKIN' awesome. Cheeseburger, perfectly (read; somewhere around medium-rare) cooked, string fries that tasted like potatoes.

      The owner said they were opening tomorrow (Tuesday) for lunch. If the quality maintains as well as my lunch was, they're gonna get rocked...

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        Yeah, when I walked by on my way to work today they really looked like they were open or very very close to it, but I figured that when they opened there'd be a big "WE'RE OPEN" sign or something and I was running late and didn't want to run in and ask thme.

        1. re: martybmccabe

          Based on your post, I went back to the homefront for my lunch break and stopped in there. The short story is that it has a lot of potential but my experience was overall negative. I can only imagine that this is due to them having only been open an hour or two, so I'll cut them some slack. However, if this was a place that'd been open even for a few weeks, the only reason I'd have ever returned was that I live 2 blocks away and its super convenient (not unlike how I go to ABC Pizza and it sucks).

          A longer story can be seen in my Yelp review:

          1. re: martybmccabe

            What are the patties like? Flat? or RF O'Sully's "softball"?

            1. re: Prav

              Closer to flat, but not *flat*. It was a pretty normal non-homemade burger.

              1. re: jgg13

                Also, sorry to be so inquisitive, but do you remember if the buns had sesame seeds on them? And if so, did they have any alternate bun options? I am deathly allergic to them :(

                1. re: Prav

                  They had sesame seeds on them. I don't recall seeing any alternative buns, but its worth asking.

                  1. re: jgg13

                    My receipt specified sesame bun so I'm pretty sure they have other options. I think I saw wholewheat as one option.

          2. I went on wednesday - hadn't realized that would be their first day open but some subconscious burger craving clearly drove me there. Overall, I'd say that the burger was very good, but that there's a slight disconnect between the prices and the overall atmosphere of the place.

            I had the "Brandt beef cheeseburger" -- yes, now even burger joints tout their suppliers -- and the beef *was* excellent, cooked to medium (which is fine with me; not sure what their policy is on cooking rare) which was still juicy and a bit pink, with a nice char from the griddle. The patty is probably 1/4 - 1/3 of a pound, about 2/3 of an inch thick -- i.e. thicker than Flat Patties, slightly thicker than U-Burger, probably most similar to Bartley's. The bun was a pretty standard sesame-seed bun (sorry, Prav! Hopefully they'll have other choices.) which got a little soggy from the juices by halfway through. While I'm not a fan of the sweet and doughy "brioche bun" some places use, something a *little* more substantial might be nice for a 7-dollar burger. There were some waffle chips alongside which were fine, nothing special.

            I work in Central Square, so I'll definitely be back for the burger, but given that a burger, a side of fries (which I didn't try but a co-worker liked and said was HUGE) and a drink will cost over 10 bucks, I think it's worth noting that the room is just a little ... odd. One wall is entirely mirrored (I'm not sure I want to see myself eating a burger), the chairs are those aluminum desk chairs that are industrial-chic without the chic, and the whole place feels a little sterile. None of this really matters that much, it's just that the place doesn't feel particularly comfortable. On the back of the menu is a pretty well-chosen selection of wines, both by the glass and the bottle. Which is interesting, but this is the last place I'd imagine lingering over a nice $28 bottle of gruner veltliner (yup, gruner veltliner at a burger joint). Anyway, I'll certainly be back - it's easily the best burger in Central Square -- but I'm just not sure if the menu, the pricing, and the room all fit together that well.

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            1. re: MichaelB

              Thanks for the thorough reporting! Maybe they'd let me do BYOB... bring your own bun.

            2. Tried the beef burger today too, and was very pleasantly surprised. Burger was tasty and juicy, even though I asked for medium well (and came out well, but I've come to expect that). Problems were the sides. Waffle cut chips/fries were mostly burned. Side of sweet potato fries also burnt (but huge!). Burger took 15+ mins of waiting; they seemed pretty backed up. Burger was smaller than I would expect for that price range, but I thought tasted better than Miracle of Science burgers. Oh, and they have the default sesame topped bun, or a whole wheat bun for those who are curious.

              So, willing to go back for another try, but definitely need to improve wait time without sacrificing quality of the burgers, and they desperately need a new fry/chip guy (or to train him better). :(

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              1. re: kobuta

                I think that they're better than the standard MoS burgers, but the Roni burger still takes the cake.

                1. re: jgg13

                  Went there last night for dinner based on some of the reviews and was sadly disappointed. I will not be going back. Burger was a little rarer than my med-rare and the bun was soaked through. It was very messy and difficult to eat.
                  Waffle Chips were another dissapointment. Some were not crisp at all and others were overcooked. While the fries looked awesome on our neighbors table... when we got them they too were pretty soggy and over seasoned with salt. It's unfortunate that we had such a bad experience.
                  I can't justify paying that kind of money on a burger fries and soda.

                  I'm also not a fan of the 20 minute, golf-ball sized accompanied with bad service at R.F.O. ... I'll stick with my peanutbutter burger at Bukowski's or the burger and fries at John Harvards. In the mean time... I'm still searching for the best burger within walking distance of broadway bicycle. I've heard that Druid's is decent... can anyone confirm?

                  1. re: zizzpudding

                    Plenty of differing opinions about the burgers at RFO, however I have to say that I have always had top notch service at the bar there.

                    1. re: zizzpudding

                      I don't like RFO's burger either, and I favor med rare, and the Druid's is my favorite. So you might like that one.

                      1. re: zizzpudding

                        Druid's is excellent, in my opinion. Not your standard burger, the meat mixture is seasoned with, among other things, fresh ginger. Tastes way better than it sounds. It's gonna cost you about $10 with a pint, but it's definitely worth putting on your research list.

                        1. re: zizzpudding

                          I find it amusing that most of your negatives would be positives for me. :) If someone's not going to cook my burger 100% perfectly to medium rare, I'd rather it be on the rare side. I like it when burgers are super juicy & greasy so the 'soaked through' thing ain't no thang. When I had the waffle fries, I preferred the ones that were a little soggy & not crisp, etc.

                          Just goes to show, no one can please everyone :)

                    2. I went last Tuesday night to avoid cooking in that heat and try the new place out. So did some others. While I was there the place was always full, and there were 3-4 people waiting for to go orders.

                      The line moved quickly, ordered a cheeseburger with american and caramelized onions, a side of regular fries, and a harpoon root beer.

                      harpoon was poured into a glass that could fit no ice. I usually prefer my soda without ice, but on a day like that, it would have been welcome. Also it seems they are wasting a lot of time having someone grab a bottle of soda out of the fridge, open it, pour it into a glass. Just get a soda fountain or give me the bottle.

                      A little over 10 minutes later and the burger was delivered to the table, which was odd. The burger was delicious, juicy, cooked perfectly, waffle chips meh, good solid pickle. The fries were pretty boring, oily, hot as hell, no seasoning at all, and it looks like most tables went for the sweet potato fries. Didn't notice they forgot my onions until I walked out of the place.

                      The total was 12 and change for an average size burger, fries and a soda. Which is totally bizarre. Guess beef prices are rising.