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Jun 1, 2008 05:28 AM

Czech please

Just got back from Prague, longing for more potato soup in a bread bowl... any recs?

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  1. I think it's the wrong time of year. Try up around Yorkville, that used to be the Czech community in Manhattan.

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      Yorkville was once a Hungarian neighborhood, not Czech. For Czech, you need to head out to Astoria. Most people know about Bohemian Hall for beers, but I like Koliba better for all-around Czech-ness.

    2. The Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden and Zlata Praha are Czech.

      If they don't have it perhaps they could direct you to the right place.

      1. i suspect there is no czech restaurant in manhattan. (a czech friend of mine who lived here for years and just moved from the city used to complain about this.) but there are some strong similarities between czech and polish food if you could be persuaded to try the latter. little poland in the les, for instance, has good potato soup served with a roll.

        1. There's nothing that I know of in Manhattan (though Yorkville did have a Czech community in its heyday). Doma is a little cafe on Perry that has palacinka, Czech crepes.

          BUT, Milan's is a great (Czecho) Slovak restaurant on 5th Avenue and 22nd Street in Brooklyn. I don't know about potato soup, but there are other types on the menu. And great potato pancakes.

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            That's exactly the place I was going to recommend. The place was brimming with Slovaks and amazing (and cheap!) food.

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              Just wanted to add the website for more info:


              Maďarský guláš was hearty and satisfying. The dumplings that came along were light, which was good given their enormous size -- especially after having started with a trough-sized portion of držková.