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Jun 1, 2008 05:01 AM

Casual Rec's for London/Edinburgh/Manchester (and a bit of Dublin)

Next week, my husband and I are going to be travelling to the UK - hitting Edinburgh, Manchester and London (with 4 hour flight stop over's in Dublin.)

Wanted some recommendations for "the best of" casual food. Not looking to get dressed up and fancy, just hit some of the best spots for local favorites (ie: like best fish n' chips or best curry...) (Obviously, the Dublin stop is limited. I'm *hoping* that we might have enough time to go out to a decent pub, as opposed to being stuck in the airport.)

Thanks in advance...we're really looking forward to this!

--Janet (GG)

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  1. My recs for “Best of Casual Manchester” (reservations would be a good idea for some of these places – Isinglass, Palmiro, Yang Sing, for instance). :-

    Thai - Chaophrya (


    “Modern British” – City Café (


    “Traditional British” – Sam’s Chop House (http://samsmanchester.thevictoriancho...


    “Local produce” – Isinglass (


    “Indian” – Dilli (


    (if you’re not that bothered about really good Indian food, you might make your way to the “Curry Mile” just south of the city centre in Rusholme. About 40 restaurants along one street. An interesting place to visit to soak up some atmosphere, but the food is much the same in all the places – but everyone has their favourite and I enjoy wandering up the road seeing where I might eat)

    Italian – Palmiro (


    Chinese – Yang Sing ( A relative newcomer, which I havnt yet tried but gets rave reviews is Red Chilli on Portland Street, on the edge of Chinatown

    Middle Eastern – Petra, 44 Upper Brook Street

    Nepalese – Gurkha Grill, 198 Burton Road, West Didsbury

    You'll see some of these places are in the suburbs and, depending where you're staying, may not be too convenient (although they'll only be a shortish taxi ride). Where are you staying?

    I'll now duck down & await the alternative views :-



    1. Edinburgh is a very casual city, so I don't think you will have to worry about that in most places. I'm a recent transplant (and I've mainly been cooking), so I've only got a very incomplete list of recommendations for you:

      -Valvona and Crolla VinCaffe on Multree Walk: very good Italian.
      -Urban Angel: locally sourced and very creative, excellent cooking.

      For pubs, definitely check out the Guilford Arms on West Register Street. Besides having a fantastic interior, they always have a good selection of guest ales. They also serve decent food, though not fantastic. If you happen to get out to Leith and are overwhelmed by the number of upscale restaurants, duck into the King's Wark for honest pub food.

      Definitely take a look through The List ( ) and Edinburgh Menus ( ). The latter is closest thing to an Edinburgh version of chowhound, though it's a review format rather than discussion format.