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Jun 1, 2008 04:45 AM

"sauce", glastonbury ct

wonderful experience. everything, from the decor to the papparedelle with bolognese, was terrific. my husband had the papparedelle, i had lobster with angel hair. friends had the veal chop and the filet -- one with lobster mashed potatoes.

the menu had so many great selections it was a difficult choice.

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  1. Was just there last night with my wife. Absolutely incredible dinner. My wife had the lobster angel hair pasta as well. I had the Sauce Bolognese. We also had those fried risotto balls. Unbelievable meal. I HIGHLY recommend it. Mike Kelly is one of the most underrated chefs. Everything he touches is amazing.

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      1. re: luvthemdogs

        Michael Kelly has been a household name in the Connecticut culinary circles since way-back-when at Max On Main, when it really was on Main. With stops at Civic Cafe on Trumbull (now Trumbull Kitchen), Azul, Carbone's among others, it's hard to say that he is underrated or unrecognized.

      2. I guess they have really enjoyed their success because we had a horrible meal there last night. The waiter could not have cared less about the service, the food took forever, it took half an hour to get a drink order placed. I got the impression they were so successful they didn't care if we liked it or not. The food was mediocre - not bad but not so great that I would put up with the extremely poor service. I considered calling the restaurant from my cell phone to see if they could locate our waiter. They would have sold another round of drinks if anyone ever came to check on us after the meal was served (an hour after we ordered it). Good luck folks!!

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        1. re: jenk362

          Been holding off on this review for a long time. I agree, went there for Fathers day last year and will not return.Really looked forward to it after all the positive thing I have read. Although the restaurant was not even close to full , they insisted the three of us had to sit in the bar/ lounge. The waitress did not know the menu at all and the food was just mediocre. Our leftovers were put in a bag that had printed on it "Thank you for shopping". Expected more for the price.

          1. re: hotwing

            @hotwing: the operative words in your review are: "Fathers' Day."

            I would give them another chance on a day that's not quite so busy. Sauce is an incredible restaurant but I'll admit the servers have made me scratch my head. Apparently management is okay with protracted delays between beverage service, apps and entrees. We just prepare to eat a very unhurried meal when we go there.

            1. re: shaogo

              Yes it was "Fathers Day", but the place was still only half full. There many empty tables in the dinning room from the time we arrived until the time we left.