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Jun 1, 2008 03:40 AM

North End

Looking for moderate to expensive restaurant in North End which has a full bar service

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  1. You would most likely be served well by doing a board search on "North End" (with the quotation marks). You should come up with about 832 results. If you want to try to narrow it down to a particular region of Italy, or give a few more specifics of what you are looking for, I think the local hounds would be in a better position to help you out.

    1. If you do a board search on "North End" (including quotation marks) you should come up with about 832 threads. However, if you can narrow it down to region, or provide some more detail of what you are looking for (or what you would like to avoid), the local hounds will be in a better position to help you out. "Moderate to Expensive" means different things to different folks, so if there is a specific price range you are looking at, that would be helpful too.

        1. I agree with PJ- Prezza. Bricco is also good but I haven't been there in a few years.

          1. Strong bartending, excellent food: Prezza.
            Strong bartending, good food: Bricco.

            I used to love Bricco, but its bartending has always been inconsistent, and I think the food has gotten too expensive and lost a step over the past couple of years.

            Vinoteca di Monica has a full bar, but I haven't dined there.

            Other full bars with so-so to bad food: Bacco, Goody Glover's, Fiore.

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              Speaking of Bacco, I had had pre-dinner drinks there before, but as my husband and I were wandering around the North End last night, trying to avoid the tourist and feast crush, we ducked in for an early dinner. We loved our table by a second floor window, and were able to see (and hear) the brass band pass by. However, that was the best part. Our waitress, who meant well, was sweet and accommodating enough - but several issues ensued at Bacco. We tried to order a bottle of sauvignon blanc. They were out of the one we wanted. They told us it was replaced by something else (which we later discovered was a pinot grigio - not sure how THAT is supposed to work as a substitution for sauvingnon blanc - strange). We order a second one - IT was out. We settled on another (third choice), and when it arrived, it wasn't a sauvignon blanc at all, it was a meritage. Whatever. We kept and drank it, even though it was not very good. They also charged us for the one we ended up having to order, even though it was $9 more for the bottle than the original one they could not provide (and, again, it wasn't even the right variety of wine). We ordered our entrees - my husband liked his scallops puttanesca. I ordered risotto primavera which actually tasted like . . . NOTHING!! It was amazing! My husband, not nearly as picky as I am tasted it and had to agree. I had to put a LOT of salt in there, which I hate to do. It was so utterly lacking in flavor, it tasted like what I imagine wallpaper paste would taste like. I vowed to myself we wouldn't go back. Because it then started torentially raining, derailing our walk to Caffe Vittoria for dessert, we ordered dessert at Bacco. It was a molten chocolate cake. It arrives, in about 2 minutes. Just a tiny cake on a plate with a mint leaf stuck in it. No ice cream, no whipped cream - for $10!!!!! I think you can buy them at the grocery store and stick them in the microwave. The atmosphere and service were lovely - too bad I won't go back. With all the competition in the area, they REALLY need to step things up!